New Yorkers were the first to realize and appreciate the artsy and electric nature that is presently largely associated with Brooklyn. And now we see that the world has finally also caught on. This is clearly evident from the fact that: Brooklyn is one amongst the top tourist destinations in America. Not only does Brooklyn serve as a perfect place to visit when on your own, your first-time experience in Brooklyn with your kids and the rest of your family too, can be really delightful, to say the least.

Visiting Brooklyn with your kids would definitely be a wonderful experience considering the fact that there are several attractions for kids in Brooklyn. For instance, there are museums, amusement parks, the beach, and even various animals. All of these collectively serve as a guarantee to make the entire visit-worthy to remember. Just like any other person visiting Brooklyn either for the first time or a frequent visitor, you will agree and support the fact that there is definitely something special about this region. More specifically, from the moment you’re driving into Brooklyn, sights from the bridge to everything that lies underneath and around it all point to the fact that you are bound to enjoy spending time there especially with your kids.

Here are top 10 attractions for kids in Brooklyn you should seriously consider checking out the next time you are in Brooklyn together with your children. They include:

1. The Japanese Culture at Cherry Blossom Festival held in Botanical Garden

Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens is a very attractive place in Brooklyn. These gorgeous grounds take pride in housing a number of serene gardens, each spectacular in a unique way of its own. For instance, the Rose Garden is gorgeous throughout the warmer months. During this time a large variation of roses are usually in full bloom. On the other hand, Pond Garden maintains a spectacular appeal throughout winter especially after the ponds have frozen. The Bonsai Garden is another must-see attraction when in Brooklyn with your kids as it guarantees you quality family bonding time.

In the event you find yourself visiting Brooklyn during spring then, one key attraction for your kids you shouldn’t miss is the ever-spirited Japanese cherry blossom festival. Here enchanting Japanese exhibits and shows are showcased for at least two days most during the weekends. Your kids would definitely appreciate the overall experience while attending this exhilarating festival. In addition to the above, expect to engage or spectate in various family fun activities such as martial art shows, classical Japanese tea family-based ceremonies, Japanese traditional dance shows, Japanese classical games and a host of other social activities that would definitely make the entire day special.

Brooklyn’s botanical Cherry blossoms is a key attraction for kids in Brooklyn. This is because in addition to the above, expect a visit there to inspire your children to stop, relax and enjoy smelling flowers right at the center of Brooklyn in NY City.

2. Sunset Park – The Mini Golf course at Industry City

The Sunset Park is situated in one of Brooklyn’s neighborhood that has its factory setting style in full view. Designers and planners of the neighborhood where the park is paid homage to its factory past set up and have continued to preserve its unique brick & steel warehouse exteriors as well as use of freight elevators. Though the park rarely features prominently in most of the city’s guides it’s largely known for its cultural diversity.

Nestled within one of the courtyards is a fairly medium-sized golf course that is frequented by locals as well as tourists together with their kids. From the above, it is clearly evident that sunset park is a key attraction you should make a point of visiting if you are interested in exploring somewhere tourists rarely visit and still get to enjoy having fun with your kids.

3. Prospect Park Zoo – The sight of Pallas’ Cats

Prospect Park Zoo is situated in the middle of a fairly large park that is common for hosting fun family picnics. The picnics are held across the expansive green lawns plus proximity to the lake makes it easy to take boat rides with kids. You will be happy to learn that: charges for all these fun kids’ activities are fairly priced.  What’s more, you can also see a variety of rare animal species. One key attraction If your kids love animals is the plump Pallas cats would definitely make the entire experience worth remembering. These are seldom seen in wild plus reports indicate that they have been dwindling in population of late. As a matter of fact: Prospect Park’s show makes it rather obvious to spot the cats. Expect spending time here to leave an unforgettable image in your children’s minds especially if they are grown up enough to realize how exceptional experience it’s to spot any of these subtle creatures.

The Zoo will also allow for your kids to pass through the barn for a chance to feed other animals such as pigs, sheep, and even the alpacas. Another attraction at the zoo is the routine feeding of seals and an amazing display of baboons which your kids will most definitely enjoy.

4. The Puppet Shows at Puppetworks Foundation

The puppet shows held in park slope are another key attraction for kids for the simple fact that the shows guarantee kids to enjoy real marionette puppet shows. In fact, these shows are a must-see for kids considering they are known to bring back to life age-old puppetry using artistic puppets.

More specifically, each show is known to kick off with an impressive initiation to puppetry in general and then end with an opportunity for the audience which in this case will include your kids to communicate with the puppeteers as well as the puppets. In addition to the above, the shows are usually brief meaning even when your kids are not able to sit through entire theater production they can still maintain a good attention span to enjoy the puppet show.

5. The NY Aquarium

If your children won’t mind viewing a sea lion show or watching scary sharks then they will have tremendous fun at the Brooklyn’s NY Aquarium. As a matter of fact, this is by far the only site from where you can have your kids view big sea creatures such as sharks or even stingrays when they accompany you to New York. Take note, the sharks have been housed in a secure indoor facility that is specifically designed and dedicated singularly to turtles, rays, and sharks just to mention a few.

The monstrous turtles on site tend to calmly share the large tanks with the grim-looking sharks which occasionally come near the viewing glass unannounced. In the process, they allow for close views which would either leave your children squealing in fear or joy depending on their temperament. In case your kids are timid, then let them spend time appreciating the stingrays which gracefully glide along the floor.

Besides viewing the sharks, you can also take your kids to the outdoor aqua theater known for hosting sea lion shows. This, as you will come to realize, will be the fun perfect entertainment for you as well as your kids. This is because the shows are

characteristic of fancy tricks carried out by the aquarium’s sea lions. In fact, if your children are grown up, then you should certainly plan your visit to the aquarium to coincide with this show. This is important since these shows are known to include educational sections that highlight the significance of proper environmental stewardship and conservation in general.

6. Boardwalk – Coney Island

Once considered the very popular section of Brooklyn, Coney Island is widely acknowledged for its amazing seaside vibes as well as neighborhoods dominated by Italians. From this simple fact, you can easily tell why it is one of the key attractions judging by the kind of fun and positive vibes you can expect from the who have inhabited this area. In fact, the boardwalk, the beach, as well as the amusement park all of which collectively make the park a major attraction for kids are all yet there and easily accessible by the public.

Though at the beach kids might not have mad fun, expect their stroll on the boardwalk during summer to lighten up their mood for a long while. Characteristic of the energy and dominating by the mood largely associated with New York, spending time with your kids here will definitely be an experience worthy of remembering.  Coney Island is dotted with casual restaurants most of which serve French fries, hamburgers, funnel cakes, ice cream, and a variety of seafood. Also during your stroll down the boardwalk in the company of your kids make sure they try out Nathan’s hot dog treats. Lastly, if possible, stick around till late on one Friday for a chance to experience the weekly show of fireworks.

7. The Cyclone Rollercoaster

Even though at first glance it might seem old and rickety, you should know that the Cyclone Rollercoaster is the city’s single big rollercoaster. This means if your kids are old enough then a ride on this roller coaster is a must especially if they are looking forward to or have been yearning to engage in an outdoor activity that would serve their demand for an adrenalin rush.

In the event you also have younger kids then don’t worry, simply head straight in to the ocean area. Here you will find Luna park from where your young kids can enjoy gentler rides as well as arcade games.

8.  Water Lab – Brooklyn Bridge Park

The park is an extensive green area situated right under the Brooklyn bridge. It is solely dedicated to providing serene outdoor space for fun with family and friends to tourists as well as locals. In fact, a large portion of this park is dedicated to providing playing space for kids fitted with a cooling spot dubbed the water lab, a water spraying section, etc. one of the things which makes the park a key attraction besides its features is the fact that it is characteristic of a unique design that allows for separate fun space for toddlers as well as another separate fun section for slightly older kids. From the moment you set foot there, you will notice the park’s amazing design that has incorporated tiny water sprinklers. At the water lab, there also exists a rocky area that is tough to navigate and a perfect place for the kids to enjoy a game of hide and seek while being sprinkled by the several sprinklers in the same area.

Simply put, the fact that you can cool down during summer at Brooklyn’s bridge park water lab makes it a must-visit together with the kids when you are around.

 9. Jacques Torres Chocolates

Jacques Torres NY is a name synonymous with world-class chocolates. Eating such good chocolate is by far one of the only things you can enjoy doing with your kids that will induce cringes. Some of the offerings include delicious chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate as well as chocolate in ice cream. In case any of your kids cringe at the mere thought of candy, then there is a chocolate store next to the Brooklyn bridge park. Here the children can burn calories while enjoying themselves at the playground or while at the water lab.

10. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

This museum serves as a collection of the things which your young kids would definitely find enjoyable. For instance, there is the water play, pretend play variety of animals, etc. one of the things that makes it a key attraction for kids in Brooklyn is the museum’s amazing collection of multi-cultural exhibitions. Such exhibits serve as a guarantee to have your kids have the first-hand experience of every culture which has made Brooklyn what it is today.

The next time you are visiting this beautiful borough of Ny City with your children make sure you check out the above to attractions for kids in Brooklyn.

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