Brooklyn presently serves as home to a variety of amazing facilities rich in history. Just like any other guests or Brooklyn residents, visiting these history-rich facilities for the first time and viewing the exhibits on display is truly an experience worth remembering going by the word of those who have had the opportunity to check them out. In fact, visits or guided tours to historical facilities such as the museums in Brooklyn are well organized. More specifically, incorporated into the tours is an array of educational programs and activities as well as interactive displays of exhibits amongst other things.

Speaking of museums, it is important to understand that there are several spread out across the Brooklyn area. These museums showcase various aspects of history spanning culture, entertainment, and arts etc. Visits to the museums, therefore, serve as a guarantee to not only educate but also most importantly inspire. As a matter of fact, the size and scope of some of the museums are enough to overwhelm even the most excited travelers.

Taking into consideration the fact that there are several museums across Brooklyn, below is an overview of 10 museums in Brooklyn that serve as a guarantee to take you through rich history and allow you experience first-hand some of the best things the city has to offer.

They include

1. New York Transit Museum in Schermerhorn, Brooklyn

According to reports, it is one of the largest public transport museums in the whole country. It is situated at Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn. A visit to this facility will definitely leave you amazed, excited and most importantly educated. Right from the moment you set foot into the front entrance, you will immediately notice the unique set up that the facility largely banks on to showcase most of the historical artifacts that form its exhibits.  Exhibits of the City’s subway system that include buses, tunnel systems, bridges, etc. all of which collectively have made the concrete jungle whatever it has grown into at the moment. Simply put, a visit to the New York Transit Museum serves as a guarantee to learn more about the largest transport network that has ever existed in the north of America.

2. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

The museum first opened its doors to the public back in the year 1899. Since then it has over the years made a reputation for itself transforming over the years into an iconic NYC landmark within the Brooklyn area. Since its inception to date, it continues to feature multiple award-winning exhibits that are largely geared towards children. In case you plan on visiting this particular museum, best believe that you will have access to slightly more than 29,000 historic pieces of works. These include a variety of daily events and programs that complement the exhibits on display as well as a fairly huge collection of plants and animals with a rich history.

The Brooklyn children museum is largely dedicated to children. This is clearly evident from the fact that:

  1. Each and every attraction at the museum not only encourages children to learn and find out as much as they can about their immediate community
  2. Each and every attraction at the museum inspires kids to really appreciate and respect the world that exists and surrounds them.

From the above, it goes without saying that when visiting the Brooklyn area, the Brooklyn children’s museum is one of the key attractions which you should seriously consider taking your kids to so that they can check out and familiarize themselves with the rich history that is well on display there. Besides the experience also stands to significantly improve their basic knowledge.

 3. The Harbor Defense Museum in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

According to reports, it is the only military museum in the entire city. That being the case, a visit to this museum surely serves as a guarantee to have you or any other visitor truly admire and appreciate a massive collection of military artifacts such as:

  1. Military uniforms
  2. Vintage Artillery
  3. Military Helmets

These artifacts are mostly bespoke and were largely part of the revolutionary war all through to the second world war. As a matter of fact, by the time you are done with the guided tours through the museum best believe you will have been taken through step by step how to load a 19th-century firing cannon to mention the least.

4. The Lefferts Historic House

It is situated in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. it has been in operation since 1783 in what is today formerly the official residence of the continental army lieutenant one Pieter Lefferts. This museum stands out from the many other museums spread out across the rest of the Brooklyn area and the rest of the country. It is different in that it solely serves to showcase the history of what family life used to be like in Brooklyn back in the 1820s. The museum also features a working garden, period rooms, a variety of exhibits and historic artifacts amongst other things. Another thing which makes this particular museum stand out if the fact that they offer visitors and guests to the premise a chance to engage in hands-on activities such as the making of candles as well as the churning of butter.  From the above, you can clearly see that a visit to this museum would definitely be an experience to remember considering the skills and information you will learn about.

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