Brooklyn is New York City’s most populous region bordering King County. Reports indicate that as of the year 2010, Brooklyn was home to an estimated 2.5 million-plus residents. In fact, an even bigger number reported visit Brooklyn on an annual basis to just see and experience the area’s many different attractions. For example, there is the Brooklyn Bridge which is a key attraction as well as the underground tunnel connections such as the one which connects it to Manhattan. Simply put, Brooklyn has set itself apart as such an exciting tour destination to visit. Judging developments in recent years it clearly has become one of the most sought after places in New York City to stay in as well considering its never-ending possibilities.

Brooklyn is considered a Dynamic New York City hub. That being the case, there are very many interesting facts about this area worth discovering some of which even those who stay there might not be aware of. That said, regardless of whether you stay in Brooklyn or are simply just visiting, below are 10 facts about Brooklyn that will blow your mind.

They include the fact that

1. Brooklyn area was initially settled by the Dutch as a farming village back in the 17th century

Back in the early 16th century, Brooklyn used to be referred to as “Breukelen” which in Dutch simply means “Broken land”. The region’s official motto Een Draght Mackt Might is a Dutch phrase that directly translates to “In unity, there is Strength”. Fast forward to the 20th century, a lot has changed to make Brooklyn what it has become today. Most significantly being the fact that Brooklyn is no more a city though it used to be. In what has come to be largely dubbed the big mistake of 1898, a resolution was adopted to merge Brooklyn with NY City. If you are keen, you may have already noticed that Brooklyn’s borders closely resemble those of King’s County. This is evidence enough to support the fact that previously Brooklyn in a way used to be its own county. Even though this region was stripped off of its city status, it has grown and developed like many other major cities. This is clearly evident for instance from its provision of an efficient transport service.

2. Brooklyn is bigger than Manhattan not only in terms of population but also land area

Finding out that Brooklyn is larger than Manhattan usually comes as a huge shocker to many people especially those simply visiting. In fact, Brooklyn according to recent reports has become the 2nd most populated county in the entire country. The latest reports indicate that Brooklyn is home to an estimated 2.5 million or more people whereas Manhattan is home to slightly more than 1.6 million people. In terms of land area, Brooklyn is reported to extend over 71 sq mi while Manhattan, on the other hand, extends over 23 sq mi of land. As a matter of fact, it has even been reported that had Brooklyn been a city then it would today be the 4th largest city in the USA.

3. Brooklyn boasts of a 30-mile shoreline

First-time visitors to Brooklyn always act surprised and amazed the moment they get to learn or find out that Brooklyn actually has very nice beaches. Most of the time whenever this amazing fact is shared, it is also usually followed by another fact that Brooklyn though is situated in Long Island, it is not regarded to be a part of Long Island. In case, you are visiting from the Northeast or grew up there then this would come as a huge surprise. It’s actually surprising the number of people who never had the slightest idea that Long Island and Brooklyn simply shares the same landmass. In fact, Brooklyn’s history museum for a long time used to be referred to as “Long Island Historical Society up unto the 1980s.

4. Brooklyn Bridge history

At the mere mention of Brooklyn, the next thing which usually comes to mind is the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the key attractions of this region, if you have not seen it in person then you must have heard about this iconic bridge. In case you are not fully familiar with the Brooklyn Bridge, then you should know that it is a hybrid cable-styled bridge crossing the East Bridge that solely serves as a link connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Serving as a major attraction in Brooklyn, this bridge is several years old and has several amazing fun facts, these include the fact that:

  1. The bridge is by far the regions’ oldest roadway. In fact, recent reports indicate that it might be the oldest roadway bridge in the entire united states.
  2. The bridge has come to be known as the very first steel-wire suspension passage. It is also the only fixed crossing across the East River.
  3. A few years back in 2006, during a regular structural inspection by a team of city workers, a cold war bomb shelter filled by medical supplies, water drums, and other basic necessities was uncovered hidden right under the bridge.

Lastly, the bridge is reported to rise approximately 3 inches when the weather gets extremely cold. The reason for this occurrence is pretty simple; it is because the steel cables suspending the bridge tend to contract and expand hence causing the bridge’s rising.

5. Brooklyn’s past is steeped with various innovative breakthroughs.

This many people never knew. The first teddy bear was first invented in Brooklyn by one Mr. Morris Michtom, a shopkeeper, together with his wife. It is equally interesting to note that during the time of this invention they were referred to as “Teddy’s bear”. It gets even more interesting to learn that this name came to be after Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear while out on a hunting trip.

Speaking of inventions, it also happens to be that a Brooklyn resident one Mr. Charles Feltman back in 1867 is credited for having invented the hot dog. What followed was his former employees came around and set up the now-famous Nathan’s. It is, at the moment, one of the best hot dog joints in the region and to others, a major attraction for the simple fact that the hot dogs served there make you feel like a part of Brooklyn.

It is also worth noting that in the same year that the idea to set up Brooklyn’s prospect park was birthed. Today it is known as the region’s largest public park. It boasts of 585 acres. Keep in mind, it is the same people who went ahead to design central park as you will come to learn if you manage to spend a long period of time in Brooklyn.

6. Many A–List celebrities started off the streets of Brooklyn before becoming global entertainment icons/influencers

If you closely follow entertainment news, then you must have already heard that or must be aware that Brooklyn was home to many celebrities when they started off. Most notably when talking about Brooklyn Jay-Z’s name is usually mentioned. As a matter of fact, Jay – z in certain quarters is largely credited for having introduced Brooklyn to the world. This has been going on overtime whenever he shared his success story in a bid to inspire other people looking up to him as a role model.

Just so you know how big of a deal Brooklyn is, Jay-z is not the only star who is from Brooklyn, other equally notable names and successful people most of whom are in entertainment and sports and come from Brooklyn include the likes of Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy, Spike Lee and Woody Allen just to mention a few.

Speaking of art and entertainment, it would be unfair to fail to mention that Brooklyn has over the years played such a vital role in the cinema world. As a matter of fact, you will be happy to learn that Brooklyn has been featured in some of the best films. Just so you have an idea of special Brooklyn has become, there are arranged tours around the area with some specifically focusing on Brooklyn’s history in the film scene. Such offers serve as a guarantee to experience Brooklyn’s most notable and iconic inclusion which have prominently featured in past hit films. Some of Brooklyn’s most notable features have been in the movie Goodfellas and Requiem for a dream.

7. Brooklyn has several arts and cultural societies

Unlike many other neighboring regions, Brooklyn is different in that it houses several arts and cultural societies. Top of the list of these prolific institutions includes the Brooklyn Museum. Other notable institutions in Brooklyn include Brooklyn’s Children Museum, the Brooklyn Academy of music, Brooklyn’s History Center and most notably the Barclays Center. There are also very many amazing great nightspots that you will leave you breathless if you are the kind of person who is always outgoing and you are visiting Brooklyn for the first time and in the company of someone special.

Sometime around the year 1906, Brooklyn used to be a coffee lover’s paradise to an extent that it used to be referred to as the Coffee capital. This because at the time, it is estimated that at least 20 million pounds of coffee would be roasted at the renowned Arbuckle brothers’ factory on a monthly basis.

8. 34 years is the median age of Brooklyn residents

According to reports, it is approximated that the median age of most of Brooklyn’s residents is 34. This figure is around 2 years younger than the national average age median for the rest of the people in the United States.  With this information, you definitely have a clear idea of the kind of people you can expect to constantly interact with while spending time in Brooklyn.

9. Brooklyn hosts the country’s first-ever roller coaster

It is in Brooklyn that you will find the Iconic Cyclone rollercoaster. Opened to the public way back in the first quarter of the 19th century in Coney Island, not only is it a key attraction, but it also serves as a major landmark that has since been added on to the national register of historic dwellings. Besides serving as a key attraction, this iconic roller coaster has been dishing out thrills for over 90 years to visitors as well as residents of Brooklyn.

10. It is relatively cheaper to stay in Brooklyn unlike the neighboring regions

The real estate market in Manhattan is by far the most sought after in the world. The same can’t be said for Brooklyn in as much as the region has witnessed significant changes and developments in recent years. According to reports, it is only until recently that prices have started to soar. This rise in real estate prices is mainly attributed to the rise in the popularity of this area. So simply put, compared to an area such as Manhattan, Brooklyn is most definitely cheaper.


For a long period of time, Brooklyn has often been viewed as being Manhattan’s younger and least accomplished sibling. From the above facts, this statement clearly comes out as false. The statement is further supported by the fact that Brooklynites feel they reside in the best area. This is the same feeling you should expect the next time you land in Brooklyn for a visit of even for work.

Now that you have learned about these amazing facts about Brooklyn, you should be very excited for your upcoming visit to this area if you have never been there. Once in Brooklyn, you will be in close proximity to several art and cultural establishments, landmarks with a rich history amongst other key attractions mentioned above. Truth be told there are some facts about Brooklyn mentioned above which even some people staying in Brooklyn might not be aware of. However, since you already have this information, feel free to find out other key pieces of information that you can collectively use to make your visit and general experience while in Brooklyn worthy of remembering.

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