If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, here are 10 things you absolutely mustn’t leave the city without trying.

Brooklyn is an amazing borough nestled in the great city of New York. Ranking second on the United States list of the most populous counties in the country, Brooklyn has a population of over 2.5 million people. This is one sure way you know that there’s something in this beautiful county worth having.

Sharing a land border with Queens borough, Brooklyn is a beautiful sight to behold with sprawling high rise buildings that perfectly blend in with the scenery. The borough is also very rich with history. From the Grand Army Plaza to the Vanderbilt playground, Brooklyn borough has a special something for everyone.

When it comes to living that fancy, laid back lifestyle, Brooklyn rivals the very best in delivering those as well. From a very wide array of exquisitely designed coffee shops to the most well-equipped amusement parks and playgrounds, Brooklyn caters superbly for all. So if you find yourself in Brooklyn one of these days and you have a little time on your hands, try out any of the things we’ve listed out here for a very memorable experience.

Here are 10 must do’s in Brooklyn

1. Take the Family to See the Zoo

We’ll start out with something that every member of the family can enjoy. Take time to visit the Prospect Park Zoo. This zoo is home to several hundred wildlife animals and you and the family can take the time to enjoy watching the enormous array of exotic animals. This zoo has several attractions to enjoy. One of the most popular attractions of the zoo, especially for little kids is the petting zoo where the family can simply enjoy touching and playing with some of the more docile animals.

One of the things that make visiting Prospect Park Zoo a really wonderful thing you can enjoy in Brooklyn is that the zoo is open all year round so you don’t need to plan for targeting their open season when you want to come around. Very few places all around the world can give the wholesome and enjoyable family time that Prospect Park zoo offers in abundance.

2. Sampling the Art in Bushwick

Bushwick possesses a literal cornucopia of history. At one time, this place was revered as the beer capital of the United States of America. It was home to dozens and dozens of beer factories. Sadly, towards the end of the 20th century, virtually all of these liquor factories had been shut down. Subsequently, the area went into a kind of slump that is, until a few decades ago.

Talented street artists took to the desolate town of Bushwick and painted it back to life. Every single factory building had its walls covered from top to bottom in exquisitely painted drawings. Bushwick became a representation of creative art at its very finest. Today, it is internationally recognized for its beautiful collection of street art.

After you’ve had your fill of these unique art pieces, you can go on to check out the coffee spots and eating areas that now fill up Bushwick. It doesn’t end there. At night, Bushwick takes on an even better hue as the sound of perfectly scripted theatre plays run deep into the night.

3. Check Out the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the entire United States of America. Linking Brooklyn County to Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge is a gigantic edifice that you can commute over completely toll-free. The bridge can be driven over, on a casual sightseeing cruise. If you enjoy taking long, reflective walks, this bridge would suit your needs just right as it has a dedicated pedestrian pathway you can easily lose yourself in thought on while taking a stroll.

Spanning an entire mile in length, the bridge is one of the most perfect places in the borough to just lounge around and enjoy blissfully. If you’re the type that fancies taking scenic pictures, you’re sure to have your fill of beautiful sights from atop this wonderful bridge. We recommend that you walk, as it should take you only about 30 minutes or so to cover the entire expanse of the bridge. That way, you won’t miss a single thing.

4. See a Sporting Event

Brooklyn borough is home to some of the most enthusiastic sports fans in the world. This is primarily because there are several professional sports teams that call Brooklyn County home. For sports lovers, you may find a second home in Brooklyn. There are several sporting events hosted in the county each year, guaranteeing you a never-ending stream of athletic excitement. What’s more, even major sports are fully hosted in the borough with several star athletes showing up to spur their fans into that frenzy you only witness at big games.

Even better, each major sporting event is planned such that whatever time of the year you come by, you’re certain to still get something worth watching. From the fall to the early spring season, you get to see the Islanders, an ice-hockey team dazzle you at the revered Barclays Center. From spring season till early fall, minor league baseball champions, the Brooklyn Cyclones play in the league. So, there’s always something good to watch.

5. Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

For the true lovers of all things natural, the Brooklyn Botanic garden is a must-see for you. As a result of how well situated the botanic garden is, a great number of people have been known to prefer visiting it, compared to its contemporary in New York. To enjoy some of the most beautiful scenes you’ll ever see, visit this botanical garden in April and be treated to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. This event alone accounts for a significant percentage of the tourists that come to Brooklyn County.

The roll doesn’t stop there. The Brooklyn Botanic garden is very generous to those with kids and those who run a somewhat tight budget. For example, it doesn’t charge a dime for adults who visit the garden before noon on Friday. Also, it allows everyone in at no cost from December to February on weekdays. The best part is the garden is always free any day of the week for little kids under the age of twelve. It’s hard to see it getting better than that.

6. Check Out the Brooklyn Museum

It’s a museum so it can’t be that interesting, right? That may be true for other museums but the Brooklyn Museum will surprise and amuse you. You shouldn’t expect any less from a museum which stands on equal footing with the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

The Brooklyn Museum is famous all over the world for its vast collection of paintings that date all the way back to the American colonial period. It also holds an outstanding collection of paintings done by modern American artists. What takes the cake with this amazing museum is its endless collection of works that date back several millennia. A previous count of these treasured relics put that at over 1 million! There’s really no better place in America to soak up rich history.

Of course, when it comes to the admittance fee here, the typical generosity of the Brooklyn people shows itself as you are asked to pay a donation, not a fixed fee. This means that you get to contribute what you feel you can easily afford, not a standard fee.

7. Fun Learning for the Kids at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

You may not want your little kids seeing things like guns or swords (which are heavily displayed) at the Brooklyn Museum. This is where the Brooklyn Children’s Museum comes in. The Brooklyn Children’s museum would be the first in the world to be a museum specifically meant to cater for children from the age of six months to 19 years. Originally founded in 1899, one of the most popular features of the museum is its miniature representation of the city that the kids can play with. This has the added advantage of helping the kids know where they are.

Opening from Tuesday to Sunday each week, this unique museum has inspired the opening of several other museums like it all around the world. Ever considerate and thoughtful of how to make every child comfortable, the museum has something called a Sensory Room. This is an area specially designed to accommodate the needs of autistic children, ensuring that all kids enjoy the full benefits of the Children’s Museum.

8. Get a Feel of the Tradition in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, like Bushwick, was once an industrial area bustling with life and commerce. In the early days, it served as a conglomerate of sorts with several people ranging from Puerto Rican immigrants to first-generation Italians calling it home. As a result of that heavy influence, today, Williamsburg is a thriving neighborhood of artists. Also, the area, once packed with dull industrial buildings has received an amazing makeover. Walking through Williamsburg today, you’ll see only the finest high-end condos and beautifully designed apartments. Williamsburg gives you a delightful taste of what to expect when the old meets new.

Eating in Brooklyn has never gotten more delightful. Right in Williamsburg, you have unfettered access to three of the finest hamburger joints in the entire city. This area is now home to some of the finest brunch locations in Brooklyn as well. With internationally recognized eating spots like Egg, Williamsburg’s niche in the culinary world has been permanently carved out. So stop there for a bite, you’ll be sure to ask for seconds.

9. Take a Trip to Coney Island

There’s no one who has ever been to this magical place who has ever wanted to leave. Coney Island is arguably the best part of Brooklyn County. It goes without saying that for most people, anywhere with a beach is an amazing place. Coney Islands’ beach just seems to go on forever. You could do anything ranging from just lounging in the sun and getting that perfect tan to taking a dive in the water and have it wash all over you. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the world and can be an ideal spot for you and the family to leisurely spend your day.

On much colder days, Coney Island offers other pleasant distractions. The most popular of them all being Luna Park. The amusement would be the very first of its kind on the island in 40 years. It is one of those few parks that successfully entertain its adult audience as well as it does the little children. There are several attractions to be enjoyed at Luna Park. From the Cyclone to the Circus sideshow, a good time is never far away. The most awesome thing here is that trips to this park are usually included free in most discount tourist passes in the city.

10. View the Art in DUMBO

Like all the other areas on our list, DUMBO was also once a heavily industrial area that received a thick infusion of brilliant art. From the DUMBO today, you can get an uncluttered view of the Brooklyn Bridge and even the beautiful skylines of Manhattan.

DUMBO is the first part of Brooklyn you encounter upon crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and it welcomes you with a plethora of new and exciting things to choose from. From its beautiful collection of first-rate apartments to the world-famous Grimaldi’s pizza, you’re always in for a spectacular treat at DUMBO. From renowned art galleries to the fanciest chocolate shops, DUMBO is a must-see for any Brooklyn visitor.

What makes each of these areas mentioned truly special is the quality of memories you can actually build from visiting. Even if you get to only try out one, do so, and get a feel of what it means to have visited a wonderful place like Brooklyn.

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