How to Sleep Better

Having problems sleeping at night? Do you want to know how to sleep better? Here are a number of sleep problem solutions for you.¬†¬†Life is so hectic and stressful. And just when it seems like you’ve got everything under control here comes yet another task or stressful situation that throws things off. You can’t control everything, but these¬†top rated product¬†are¬†surprisingly good at helping you chill out and relax can make those stressful moments feel a lot more manageable and help you sleep better at night without having to rely on a sleeping pill.

How to sleep fast

Sleep deprivation, also known as insufficient sleep or sleeplessness, is the condition of not having enough sleep. It can be either chronic or acute and may vary widely in severity. Traditional sleep disorders treatment often prescribes sleeping pills, some of them which may be addictive.

The market for innovative products that are made from naturally-derived ingredients is huge as are wellness and self-care products that promise to ease anxiety or help you feel more balanced. However, with so many smart products to choose from, which ones will actually work?

And that’s what makes Amazon such a great resource for things to buy. These¬†products are highly-rated and well-reviewed on Amazon.¬† They can be used individually or as a group to help you slep better at night.

There isn’t a product on Earth that will be able to keep your boss from making demands of you or eliminate rush hour traffic. But having these¬†can help you sleep better at night to calm your anxiety that life throws at you.

Common questions that people often ask are how to sleep better or how to sleep fast. These products below may help you do it and do it naturally.

1. An adjustable white noise machine with 20 ambient sounds

Adaptive Sound Technologies White Noise Machine

How to sleep fastHaving trouble sleeping at night? You’re not alone as millions of people have problems sleeping and this white noise machine may be just the tool that helps you drown out the noise in your head and focus on more soothing sounds that will lull you to sleep. The machine features 20 ambient sounds 10 fan variations and 10 noise variations that include white, pink, and brown noise. It has adjustable volume and provides the option of charging it with a USB cable.

The steady relaxing sound of a fan or white, pink or brown noise can help you get to sleep more quickly, and stay asleep longer by helping you tune out the environmental noises that might otherwise wake you at night. You can rest peacefully while traveling abroad with the compact and portable international LectroFan and it comes complete with adapter plugs for the US, EU and UK. LectroFan uses state of the art technology to generate dynamic realistic sounds to drown out unwanted, disturbing, or intrusive noises

  • Provides ten fan sounds and ten ambient noise variations, including white noise, pink noise and brown noise
  • Helps mask disruptive environmental noises so you or your little one can fall asleep with ease
  • Safe, solid-state design is powered by AC or USB and dynamically creates unique, non-repeating sounds with no moving parts
  • Precise volume control allows you to set the perfect level for your unique environment
  • Also ideal for creating a disturbance-free work area, or just reducing the distracting effect of outside noises for a more relaxing environment, day or night.

2.. The calming salt lamp that purifies the air in your home

Whiteswade Himalayan Salt Lamp

How to sleep fastNot only is this salt lamp a glowing beacon of warmth that soothes the eyes, but it’s a busy air-purifying multi-tasker as well. The lamp is made with pure Himalayan salt crystals and releases negative ions, helping to clean and reduce allergens in the air. Sit the lamp down on your floor or table and use its dimmer switch to achieve the level of brightness you need in your life at that moment.

The salt lamp is made from natural Himalayan salt crystals. It is hand mined and hand crafted into a polished and smoothed bowl supplemented with natural salt chunks. When lit, the salt lamp emits a calming and soothing amber colour. Heat from the bulb releases negative ions into the air, simulating the effects of an ionizer and purifying the surrounding environment. When unlit, the lamp has a pink color with a rough, uneven texture. When lit, the light emitting from the bulb gives a warm, soft, amber glow. It also contains a dimmer switch and can be used with different colored bulbs.

It is fantastic for allergy sufferers and those who suffer breathing difficulties through asthma, reducing the symptoms and allowing easier breathing. Having a fresh smelling room will help you sleep at night. .

  • CONTEMPORARY AND STYLISH DESIGN: Naturally hand crafted for a unique look, giving your home that added style!
  • ORGANIC AND THERAPEUTIC: Made from natural Himalayan salt crystals that have calming and soothing properties
  • IONIZER: The heat releases negative ions into the air, clearing your home of positively charged ions causing sluggishness and stuffiness
  • PURIFIER: Naturally clears the home of allergens including pollens, smoke, dust particles and other similar air pollutants
  • WOOD BASE and DIMMER SWITCH: Looks Great and sits perfectly upright on an even, stylish base with adjustable lighting to suit the occasion

3. This plush pair of wearable speakers for sleeping

CozyPhone Sleep Headphones & Travel Bag

How to sleep fastMusic and podcasts provide a comforting way to get to sleep or become fully engaged with your walk, run, or workout. But the opposite holds true if you are constantly pulling your ear pods or earphones back into place. This speaker headband is designed with ultra-thin speakers embedded within a soft, stretchy headband. Wear the headband, which comes in six colors, is adjustable, and compatible with most devices, and it stays perfectly in place the entire time.

The newly upgraded CozyPhones are made with a lycra material, mesh lining, have ultra-thin speakers and a durable braided cord. These sleek sleep headphones provide the ultimate in cool comfort for sleeping. The headbands are completely adjustable for a perfect fit.


The perfect accessory for travelling. The handy carrying bag makes it easy to take your headband earphones with you on your travels. Wear the sleep headphones to listen to relaxing music, audio books, podcast, or anything via your iPod, Smartphone, CD/DVD player, or any devoce with a 3.5mm jack.

  • SUPER COMFORTABLE LYCRA HEADPHONES Includes a BONUS, TRAVEL BAG, ULTRA THIN SPEAKERS and a durable BRAIDED CABLE that will not tangle or kink. Lightweight, comfortable and washable sleep headband with adjustable speakers will give you the perfect fit. Original PATENT PENDING CozyPhones are the perfect aid for sleeping and battling insomnia.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – CozyPhones make great gifts for women, men, moms, dads, teens, kids, and just about anyone! No earbuds sticking in the ear, or bulky headphones that don’t really fit. Can also be pulled down over the eyes as a sleep mask for a worry-free nap. CozyPhonesTM are also great for sensory issues and special needs! A unique and fun gift for friends and family. Surprise them these super comfortable, breathable, lightweight headphones.
  • GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Use for sports, yoga, meditation and relaxation. Kids love ’em too! Ideal for children, college students, dorm life, shared apartments, noisy roommates, snoring spouses and co-eds. Will not hurt your ears like earbuds or other bulky earphone headbands.
  • MADE TO LAST – with a flexible and durable 1.5-meter braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. Will not kink, twist of break under normal use. Use with all your favorite devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, HP, MP3, MP4 and other audio devices.
  • FINALLY GET A GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP – Drift away while blocking sounds that keep you awake or calm your racing mind while you are relaxing in peace – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!- Don‚Äôt be fooled by cheap KNOCK-OFFS. These are ORIGINAL, PATENT PENDING COZYPHONES. CLICK TO ORDER NOW

4. An aromatic herbal tea with sleep-inducing herbs

BE Sleepy Tea Tonix

How to sleep fastSettle in for the night with a cup of caffeine-free tea made with natural herbs that were pretty much all picked for their sleep-inducing powers. This delicious tea blend includes chamomile, lavender, valerian, and kava root all of which help calm your nervous system and prep you for a great night of sleep. One reviewer raved: “My favorite bed time tea. Nice flavor. Absolutely helps your body and mind rest.”

BE SLEEPY¬†is formulated with effective, potent herbs to help calm the nervous system and encourage a good night’s sleep. They¬†use wonderful smelling and tasting herbs such as¬†CHAMOMILE¬†and¬†LAVENDER¬†and blend them with super effective herbs such as¬†VALERIAN, PASSIONFLOWER, HOPS, KAVA,¬†and¬†VERVAIN. Together, these herbs will help quiet and soothe the brain and nervous system for a better night’s sleep.

STEEP¬†the loose leaf tea for 5-7 minutes and¬†POUR. If certain herbs are too strong (such as the valerian or hops), we recommend adding a sweetener or even trying our delicious (and good for the digestive system)¬†CHAMOMILE CHAI. Drink¬†BE SLEEPY¬†about one hour before bedtime. Or, if you find BE SLEEPY too potent or the taste is too medicinal,¬†try the¬†CHAMOMILE CHAI¬†tea which is caffeine free and also does a good job at calming an upset stomach to help you get a¬†good night’s sleep

  • BE SLEEPY will help CALM and RELAX the nervous system and encourage a more restful sleep
  • FORMULATED with a selection of SPECIFIC, POTENT herbs to produce results and blended to taste great
  • This BEST SELLING blend is CAFFEINE FREE and ALL NATURAL with no added flavouring
  • STEEP and POUR to better health NATURALLY with our line of FUNCTIONAL, WELLNESS teas

5. The calming sleep cream with melatonin and chamomile

Melatonin Sleep Cream

How to sleep fastThink of this calming sleep cream as a soothing tea for your skin. The luxurious cream is filled with melatonin, which helps your body adhere to its sleep cycle, as well as natural ingredients like chamomile and lavender. It smells and feels amazing on your skin and reviewers say it really helps relax and put you in the right frame of night for a good night’s sleep.

Melatonin is most commonly used for insomnia and improving sleep in different conditions such as when you travel for adjusting sleep-wake cycles in people whose daily work schedule changes (shift-work disorder), and for helping people establish a day and night cycle.

Ease into a peaceful slumber, naturally with this Melatonin sleep cream from Miracle Plus. Unlike dangerous, habit-forming sleeping pills, get the sleep you need without feeling groggy and disoriented the next day! This soothing cream relieves jet lag and helps regulate sleep patterns. A safe, effective way to get the rest you need, when you need it, so you can start the next day refreshed and reinvigorated. Light, calming lavender aroma soothes you into a tranquil state. Best used 30-45 minutes prior to bedtime

  • One of the best natural sleep aids, The topical sleep cream is a safe alternative to addictive and dangerous sleeping pills.
  • It comes in a large 4oz bottlethat last for months. Do you have restless legs, leg cramping keeping you up at night? Use this sleep cream to help get you through the night.
  • Works naturally to complement the bodys own sleep-inducing melatonin, which gets depleted with age.
  • Suffer from sleep apnea? Constantly waking up at night? Made with natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile this night cream will help give you the restful night of sleep you have been looking for.
  • Long trusted formula, Made in the USA. ¬†Money back guarantee!

6. How to sleep Fast!!!The natural aromatherapy mist for your pillowcase and linens

Asutra Mist Your Mood Aromatherapy Mist


How to sleep fast

Lavender and chamomile are two of the most effective oils for relaxation and both can be found in this smart, convenient aromatherapy mist. The all-natural, eco-friendly formula is safe to spray in the air and on linen and pillowcases to set a more soothing stage for you to rest comfortably to instantly offer you a soothing environoment as you lay down to sleep. Aromatherapy benefits have many different benefits besides helping you sleep as well.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which have been used for nearly 6,000 years, with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood.

A light, clean mist infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils that promotes feelings of peace and soothes the soul. Definitely the most tranquil of all our aromatherapy mists. An added plus is the mists are infused with aloe vera and jojoba oil, so you can use them as toners that revitalize your skin.
  • CALM YOUR MIND: Lavender and chamomile are gentle herbs that bring peace of mind. Chamomile helps lull you to sleep with its soft fragrance while Lavender helps calm your mind and relax your body. Together these herbs will have you resting easy.
  • GET VENUS WILLIAMS‚Äô FAVORITE AROMATHERAPY: Watch her bedtime routine below. ‚ÄúYou can use this on your body, you can use this as a room spray, you can use it on your sheets. And it has an amazing lavender smell that‚Äôs very relaxing.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Venus Williams
  • NON-TOXIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY: All Asutra mists are made in the USA with love and formulated with non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients that act as gentle and effective skin toners, providing regenerating and hydrating benefits for fragile skin.
  • NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS: You can use this aromatherapy spray as a room and body mist, spritzing around the face, the body, and even your linens. It is safe to use on people and pets and has never been tested on any animal.
  • 100% MONEY BACK 30-DAY GURANTEE: You get a convenient 4 oz. bottle, so now whenever you need a boost, just spritz this around you and start feeling revived ‚Äď 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

How to sleep better

7. A weighted blanket that provides comfort on stressful nights

YnM Weighted Blanket

How to sleep fastFilled with glass beads and designed from seven insulating layers, this weighted blanket feels so soothing and offers an amazing level of relaxation on stressful days and nights. The blanket comes in more than 20 colors and prints, with 14 weight options that vary from 5 to 30 pounds. It can be used as a duvet for sleeping or as a comforting throw blanket.

  • A Weighted Inner Layer Can Be Used Along Or Used With a Duvet for Easy Cleaning. Breathable Cotton Duvets, Cooling Bamboo Duvets Or Soft Warm Minky Duvets Are Available in Ynm
  • The original YnM weighted blanket offers great all-natural sleep help for adults and kids by offering the gentle sensation of being held to encourage deep, healthy, restful sleep
  • YnM own the ability to produce a unique 7-layer weighted blanket. Our 7-layer system is designed to comfortably surround your body and form to your shape while you sleep and the MORE glass beads & LESS fiber fill design offers better temperature control
  • Choose the blanket that weighs about 10% of your body weight plus one, 15 lbs weight is intended for individuals weighing about 140 lbs. The twin size is for one person on a twin size bed. The queen size is for one person on a queen size bed. Only the King size is for sharing on a queen or king bed.
  • HIGHEST INDUSTRY STANDARD: 4.7‚ÄĚx4.7‚ÄĚ smaller compartments for more evenly distribution + The three-dimensional lock bead sewing method for 0 bead leakage + Finest stitching(2.5-3mm one stitch) to prevent weight shifting from one compartment to another. All these made a fabulous highest quality YnM 2.0 weighted blanket
  • 100% Customers Satisfaction is guaranteed. In 3 years, if unexpected damage happened to your YnM weighted blanket, we can provide free mending (not include shipping label)

8. An all-natural herbal supplement that can help reduce stress

Zhou Nutrition Calm Now Soothing Stress Support Supplement

How to sleep fastTake a literal chill pill when you incorporate this all-natural stress-relieving supplement into your dailysupplement regimen, It contains herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, passion flower, bacopa monnieri, and hawthorn berry, which are often used in Eastern medicine to help balance cortisol levels and keep stress to a minimum. According to one reviewer: It will not make your anxiety disappear, but certainly far more manageable, and you will notice a sense of calm and well being.” As always, ask your doctor before starting a new supplement routine.

Calm Now is an expertly crafted stress support complex created to help you be calm, positive, relaxed, and focused. With essential B vitamins and soothing herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, and passion flower that will give you the calm you crave without making you drowsy. Perfect for daily use, social situations, focused work or study time, and travel, Calm Now is your mood and relaxation formula. Calm Now’s mood boosting blend is the perfect addition to your daily self-care routine.

  • KEEP CALM & FOCUSED. Calm Now was formulated with the modern busy person in mind, supporting serotonin production while easing you into a calm and centered headspace. Tackle your responsibilities in the right mindset and own your day.
  • STAY POSITIVE & SOCIAL. Other so-called ‘chill pills’ and supplements can make you sleepy, but we know you need to keep calm and stay focused to win the day. Here‚Äôs your chance to be the best version of yourself‚ÄĒrelaxed, focused, and positive.
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED. We combine the best of Eastern herbal tradition and modern research to deliver a supplement that contains the right amounts of ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, passion flower, bacopa monnieri, hawthorn berry, and more for optimal results.
  • WHAT SETS US APART? At Zhou, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in an FDA certified facility following GMP (good manufacturing practices). Plus, we test everything at our lab in Utah, so you can be confident that you‚Äôre fueling your body with the very best.

How to fall asleep fast



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