Friendly Review of the Universal Travel Adapter, Iron-M All-in-one International Power Adapter ( The power adapter works in over 150 countries providing compatibility with the European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. It has a 6.3 amp protective fuse. It has 2 USB ports which can source up to 2.4 Amps. You can get it in different colors such as black, blue, and green. It has a nice feel to it with the plastic/rubber coating.

To use it you first select the region in which you want to use the power adapter. Then you press in the button on the back of it while you slide out the selected plug. Once the plug is in place, depress the button. Then you are all set. There is an LED that shows when the unit is powered. I recommend the adapter to anyone who travels a lot. A few notes is occasionally there is a spark, and don’t push in the plug with your hand (use the slider).

Brooklyn Nomad recommended 

Iron-M Universal Power Adapter –
Saunorch (USB-C) –
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