The magnificent boroughs of New York. They are amazing and unique, with distinct features that fit many lifestyles. You can live any way you want in New York – it’s all possible. It’s the city of opportunities and choices. And one of the most vital choices to make in NYC is to choose a place to live. When moving here with a family, this is a rather important question. You want it to be peaceful and safe but still have multiple jobs, entertainment, and education opportunities. Luckily, there are quite a few places to get that. One of them is Brooklyn – one of the most popular places to live in the Big Apple. And this guide is all about family-friendly locations within it. Here are the top 6 places to raise a family in Brooklyn you should consider before you start house-hunting in New York.

Is Brooklyn a family-friendly borough?

raise family in Brooklyn

Absolutely! There are different features that make this borough perfect for families. Some of the advantages of raising your family here include the following:

  • There are plenty of parks and playgrounds, and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy some quality time with your little ones;
  • High-quality schools – moving with kids means worrying about their education. Luckily, Brooklyn is generally considered more kid-friendly than other boroughs due to the great schools in this area;
  • Affordability – compared to Manhattan and some other locations in the city, Brooklyn offers more affordable housing options. This makes it easier for families to find more spacious homes for their loved ones without breaking the bank.
  • Walkable streets and safety – in Brooklyn, you’ll find many streets that are great for kids growing up in the area. Tree-lined streets with wide sidewalks are great for taking a walk or teaching your little one to ride a bike.

Finally, Brooklyn is all about a diverse, multicultural community that’s friendly to all the new residents. You can participate in various events all year round and ensure your kids are growing up in an understanding and supportive environment where everyone has the same rights and opportunities.

Considering security and safety doesn’t start when you move to Brooklyn. It’s essential to think about it before you move – when you start making your relocation plans. Unfortunately, the moving business is filled with fraud and nightmare scenarios, so try your best to avoid it. Always double check trustworthiness of the NYC movers you hire, and try to work with the best ones regardless of the price. If you’re not careful enough, moving can cost you a lot more than initially estimated, so always choose professionals you got recommendations for.


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Where to raise a family in Brooklyn? Top 6 locations

Choosing the location for your new home becomes even more complicated once you have kids; apart from considering factors such as commute, office location, etc., you also need to think about aspects such as safety, schools, parks, and other local amenities.

Luckily, this guide will be your shortcut to a new home in Brooklyn – here are the best family-friendly locations to consider.

1. Park Slope

There’s no place where you’ll see more kids and strollers on the street than Park Slope. This residential area of Brooklyn attracts families that have a bit higher income, as homes here are not that affordable. However, that being the only downside, Park Slope is all worth it – it’s probably the safest neighborhood in Brooklyn with tons of kid-friendly amenities.

kid-friendly amenities

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2. Bay Ridge

Another charming area of Brooklyn is a perfect balance between old and new. Bay Ridge is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, with many detached homes with backyards for kids to play in. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Brooklyn but still close enough to easily access all the necessary facilities. Families love it for affordable homes but also family-friendly restaurants and parks overlooking the upper Bay and Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

3. Ditmas Park

Another amazing option when it comes to great places to raise a family is Brooklyn. Ditmas Park is a perfectly safe, warm community with rather affordable housing options. There are many homes from the Victorian era that give the area a special charm loved by families with kids. Aside from charming architecture, Ditmas Park offers a lively atmosphere with many great restaurants and stores. You’ll need about 40 minutes to reach Midtown Manhattan and a couple of minutes to get to the buzzing Park Slope.

4. Williamsburg

This part of Brooklyn is commonly known for its lively nightlife. However, there’s so much more to it – Williamsburg is also perfect for families. Great commuting options to reach other parts of the city, high-ranking schools, and a slightly slower pace of life make this neighborhood surely one of the best options for raising a family in NYC.

raising a family in NYC

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5. Cobble Hill

A place that will make you fall in love the moment you arrive – Cobble Hill is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of Brooklyn. This historic neighborhood includes all the necessary facilities and attractions but still offers its residents a peaceful and safe lifestyle.

6. Brooklyn Heights

Just a short ride away from the hustle and bustle of lower Manhattan and Chinatown, there’s a heaven for families – Brooklyn Heights. Its tree-lined promenade, breathtaking views of Manhattan and unique architecture make this place very attractive for families. It’s a rather posh neighborhood with great access to all parts of the city, so expect homes that are on the more expensive side.

Finally, don’t forget to consult your family about choosing a place to live. Surely these are all great places to raise a family in Brooklyn, but the final decision depends on a couple of factors. Think about your family’s lifestyle, needs, and budget, but also let everyone have their vote before you decide on the best place to start a new family chapter and make unforgettable memories with loved ones.

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