Large groups, gatherings, parties, and events require sufficient spacing indoors or outdoors to accommodate themselves at a restaurant. It’s not just spacing but the satisfaction of a larger crowd can be quite difficult. The food needs to be great, the decor on point to stimulate conversations and most importantly the price needs to be balanced enough to not put a dent in the host’s wallet. New York definitely has some great places to hang out and caters to all sorts of budgets. We’re going to introduce you to some of the best restaurants for large groups NYC has to offer.

New York food scene

New York food scene

New York City has more than 8 million people which could be why the food scene in New York City is extremely diverse. The city has food ranging from Jewish cuisine to Italian to Chinese Americans and more. The different regions in NYC cater to different national cuisines. For example, Italian can be found in Belmont, city island, morris park, and more while Glendale has some great german cuisine to feast on and so on.

Top 5 best restaurants for large groups NYC

We’ve taken careful consideration for location, menu, and prices for the options available in NYC and present to you our list of best restaurants for large groups NYC.

Parm at Upper West Side

Top 5 best restaurants for large groups NYC

An Italian classic restaurant found on Columbus avenue, Parm at Upper West Side is perfect for a large group of people. With four locations already up and running, there is no doubt that the restaurant has seen an increased demand in guests. The restaurant offers a lunch and dinner menu featuring Italian classics like spaghetti and meatballs, eggplant parmesan, sandwiches, and more.

You can call them up and reserve space for up to 14 guests while online bookings are also available. The restaurant is open until 10 pm from Monday to Sunday which is great if you have group parties or events arranged on weekends. If you come with your family and friends between 4 pm to 7 pm on weekdays, you would’ve made it in time for happy hour where drinks are priced at $6.


What’s better than having Spanish tapas and a couple of drinks with friends and family to unwind your day. Boqueria is one of the best restaurants for large groups in NYC. Boqueria has six locations but the one situated at 1460 2nd Avenue is what all the hype is about. The area has outdoor space and can accommodate 12 people in a group at a time.

Indulge in some tapas, paella, and other delicious dishes for up to $65 per person, however, you can also order individually priced items from the “mains” section of the menu. Guests would appreciate the dietary options available at Boqueria.

Szechuan Mountain House

Szechuan Mountain House

If you’re interested in going to some of the best restaurants for large groups NYC, then don’t forget to check out Szechuan mountain house. With two locations opened, a Szechuan mountain house introduces Szechuan cuisine with the atmosphere that you would find in a Chinese culture restaurant. Your group will be greeted by fish ponds, amazing calligraphy, crafty ceramics, and more which will add you the overall experience.

You can find dishes like mapo tofu, pork belly with garlic and chili sauce, fried lotus, fish served with pickled cabbage and more. You’ll definitely find yourself having a laugh with your friends and family while you indulge in some of the finest Szechuan cuisines in NYC.

Chote Nawab

Food is definitely well known for bringing people together and what a great way of sharing laughs, enjoying delicious food, and learning about one another culture than eating at Chote Nawab. You can find dishes from vegetarian classics like saag paneer to the infamous chicken tikka masala and more. There is even a drink called “Kamasutra” if you’re up for a bit of fruity delight in your gin, vodka, and rum.

The restaurant is large enough to cater to larger groups with reservation options available over the phone and website. Do make sure to call a week in advance as the place is always filled to the brim with people because of its great food.

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

Located on Greenwich Avenue, Mighty Quinn’s BBQ is one of the most well-known BBQ spots in town. They do allow online reservations for groups with up to 10 people. Guests can come in and sample all of the dishes available and pay by the pound.

Meats include brisket, spare ribs, pulled pork, chicken, wings, and more while sides include beans, corn fritters, salad, slaw, fries, and many more. Drinks are available in half-gallon growlers which itself can be an ice-breaking moment in a group of friends.

List of best restaurants for large groups NYC

We’ve already mentioned the top 5 best restaurants for large groups in NYC, so here is a list of some honorable mentions that does allow for reservations of large groups and serve great food at superb prices.

  1. Favela grill
  2. MaLa Project
  3. Tacombi
  4. Grand Central Oyster Bar
  5. Vic’s
  6. Porsena
  7. Rubirosa
  8. Khe-Yo
  9. El Vez
  10. Peter Luger Steak House
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