Brooklyn is widely known for its cooking and food, from the forward-looking regional cuisine and Old school pizza to fusion. As a matter of fact, the renowned museum of doo and drinks is based in Brooklyn.

Are you a food enthusiast and don’t have much time to go through and far into the outer areas of Brooklyn? If yes, then don’t worry since you are about to find out more about the food and wine experience in Brooklyn and its surrounding region. For instance, there is the pioneering River Café strategically situated at the foot of Brooklyn bridge. It is believed to have debuted back in the early 1970s after the site was abandoned.

From the comparisons featured below, not only will you identify but also have the chance to enjoy a series of incomparable views of how stunning the larger Manhattan area is but also enjoy dining in serious style. A quick trip to Williamsburg will lead you straight to pasta haven and Chinese maven (2 hotspots just moments away from Manhattan).

While still out, in case you have some additional time to spare, then make it a point to pass by the Pizza Mainstays Roberta’s that’s in Bushwick as well as the Paulie Gee’s that’s in Green Point. Simply put, there are several options for fine dining around Manhattan and the best part is, they are only a few minutes ride (bus, subway, cab) away, sometimes even a walk away.

In a bid to help you familiarize yourself best with some of the top options when it comes to fine dining around the Brooklyn area.

Below is an overview of the 10 best restaurants in Brooklyn

10. Win Son, Brooklyn

Promoted as a Taiwanese-American, Win son has been called out as one of the most thrilling spots to have a meal within New York City. In fact, the food that is served there is somewhat playful though at the same time characteristic of a serious punch mostly in terms of the preparation techniques and the overwhelming homage it pays to the Taiwanese roots. In as much as it may at first glance seem like any other common low key neighborhood joint, more and more people continue finding out that it’s one of the best places to go and grub down.

That said, if you are a food enthusiast then go ahead and make reservations. You will be happy to learn that the spot also has an outdoor seating area that is most ideal for use when the weather cooperates. This makes it one of the best spots for a casual dinner on a weekday.

Looking back, the Win son has been recommended for Brooklyn’s finest restaurant owing to its unassuming nature which is largely responsible for making the restaurant most delightful right from the moment you start dining.

Expert Tip: the manner in which Win son has been set up makes it an ideal spot for family-styled menus as well as a perfect consideration for any casual get together.

9. Paulie Gee’s, Brooklyn

It is a charmingly dark pizza joint located in Green Point. It has been dubbed the best combination depiction of the old world meeting the pie. Its interior works and décor make it stand out considering it was done using salvaged materials (Under the Supervision of Build It Green). Speaking of the interior, there is a wood-burning oven that serves as a wonderful addition to the cherry ambiance that this spot is already known for.

In terms of service, craft beer is paired well with boldly named pieces of pie coupled by creative toppings such as the dried sour cherries, lemon juice, fennel sausage etc. in most cases during dining, you will always see the friendly mastermind owner (Paul Giannone) working the dining room, sneaking in between tables chatting up guests possibly divulging secrets about the art of Pizza in New York. Paulie Gee, in the past too, has been recommended for Brooklyn’s best restaurant for how serious it takes pizza with others claiming their’s (Paulie Gee’s) are amongst the best slices you will ever find in the country.

Expert Tip: when at Paulie gee’s, try out the Cherry Blossom (with dried Bing cherries, prosciutto, and some orange blossom honey) or you can ask for the Rooftop Red (with Aleppo chili oil and marinated baby kale). You will most definitely not regret it.


Are you looking for a romantic spot? If yes, then a simple walk across the Brooklyn bridge will lead you into a dream called the river café. Besides the delicious food that is served there, you will also get to enjoy views of the sweeping skyline while dining to the fixed price $145 meal or the $175 six-course signature tasting menu. Keep in mind the menu is subject to change, you can, therefore, expect new varied American bites from sturgeon caviar served alongside smoked Salmon, herb leaves, pumpernickel or the Colorado rack of lamb (served with Swiss chard cannelloni).

It has been recommended for Brooklyn’s best restaurants owing to the fact that it offers one of the best skyline views for dining, especially at sunset not to mention the amazing service and top-notch food on offer.

Expert Tip: it is strongly advised that you step your dress game if you are thinking of visiting this spot. For instance, jackets are required for gents looking to have dinner anytime past 5 pm. On top of that too, ties are highly preferred.

7. Claro, Brooklyn

It is considered to be one of the hottest and most exciting restaurants in New York. It is, therefore, the kind of restaurant that you can invite that certain special someone and be sure of creating an impression. As a matter of fact, back in 2018, the Claro was awarded a Michelin star owing to their take on Oaxacan cuisine that was missed with refinement.

Take, for instance, the corn used at the Claro is directly from farms that exclusively handpick Non-GMO heirloom varieties. In addition to the above, the restaurant is known to make everything by hand. That includes the masa, the moles, the cheeses, etc. all their produce is organic in nature and their mescal is by far one of the best in town.

It has been recommended for Brooklyn’s best restaurant owing to the fact that it focusses on a specific regional cuisine coupled with the fact that it is known to also execute everything without any flaws.

Expert Tip:  when at the Claro, make sure to ask the bartender to share with you a brief history on the magic of mezcal.

6. The KINGS CO IMPERIAL, Brooklyn

Tucked onto a side street in the larger Williamsburg, kings Co imperial is a fairly small spot whose kitchen is arguably producing the best Chinese food in the entire city. The restaurant is best known for its Mock eel (this is a vegetarian marvel dish that is largely fashioned from mushroom and drenched in soy).

It doesn’t stop there, as a matter of fact, it gets better, you will be happy to learn that their tea-smoked mu shu duck is served ready to wrap in a pancake that’s handmade. That is the perfect accompaniment to your bowl of soup that’s dotted with shrimp, lily flower, red vinegar and white pepper.

When dining there feel free to order a few rounds of cocktails (as the true Brooklyn fashion dictates). The restaurant has been recommended for Brooklyn’s best restaurants owing to the general feeling that it qualifies as the best new age Chinese spot in New York at the moment.

Expert tip: In case you are thinking of visiting this restaurant, it is strongly advised that you make your reservation on the weekends or you’re less likely to ever make it in.

5. Roberta’s, Brooklyn

From their podcasts to their largely popular onsite gardening internships, there is no denying that pizza does not get any better than it does at Roberta’s. This spot (hipster haven) has continually made headlines with its exciting stories. A perfect example is when they rolled out a weed tasting menu. The restaurant’s drug-free delicacies surpass all expectations.

The outdoor seating area that’s dotted with wooden tables lends an air of informality to the ambiance. The wood-burning oven is also conspicuously displayed making the entire dining experience worthy of remembering.

The restaurant has been recommended for Brooklyn’s best restaurant owing to the fact that it has continued turning out fantastic pies year in year out.

Expert tip: in the event you are planning on visiting this restaurant, you should know that it does not take any reservations. That being the case, you should come with a patient appetite. As a matter of fact, when you get there, head straight to the dining rooms and enjoy excellent cocktails and draughts from bearded bartenders as you wait for your chance to dine.

4. Sunday In, Brooklyn

This spot is a perfect depiction of what you hope your future apartment would always be looking like the moment you make enough money to always keep re-decorating it. And as expected, the food that is served here is what you hope your future spouse would be able to whip up anytime she steps into the kitchen.

Sunday in Brooklyn simply put is such an extremely pleasurable restaurant that will most definitely make you contemplate moving to Brooklyn almost immediately. One interesting thing about this restaurant that makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that their menu rotates in line with the seasons.

You can expect dishes such as the striped bass (with broccoli) served in pili pili sauce, the asparagus served alongside boiled eggs and even mint, ricotta salata.  Set up in a rather comfortable neighborhood, the cooking is down to earth and in the event you find yourself visiting make sure you grab yourself a sidewalk seat for the ultimate dining experience.

Expert tip: The Brunch that is served here is amazing and the menu includes classics with a spin. For instance, the malted pancakes that are characteristic of hazelnut maple praline served with brown butter.

3. Lilia Ristorante, Brooklyn

Since it opened its doors, there has been a lot of noise mostly from reviewers all of whom have been raving that once again its back to making pasta. Believed to have been born into a family of cooks and travelers, miss Robbins (one of the proprietors of this amazing spot) seems to have brought the best of Italy to Brooklyn. The characteristic wood-fired seafood dishes, classical Italian cocktails and handcrafted pasta (just to mention a few) and warm hospitality is all now a short ride away but within Brooklyn. A visit to this restaurant serves as a guarantee for a fine casual dining experience.

Robbins has stated many times in the past that she developed her Italian soul better from her early years as an executive chef serving at Spiaggia (that’s in Chicago). She has however decided to bring all that kitchen experience to Brooklyn through this restaurant. Long story short, there isn’t any place better to eat pasta when you are in Brooklyn.

Expert tip: when visiting make sure you order Lilia’s cacio pepe, it is a twist on the pasta which serves to take the cheesy goodness and in turn rolls it into fine dough balls which when fried serves as a mouthwatering appetizer.

2. Peter Luger Steakhouse

It is a perfect spot for any visiting tourists. This spot is a perfect example of the fact that some things are popular for a specific reason. In this case, peter luger has been serving fried German potatoes and mammoth porterhouses for a long time now hence in the process managing to perfect the art and create a reputable name for itself. A 2 story building, it has over the years undergone a number of changes on its exterior.

A step inside however changes everything. The setup is something you would never expect; the restaurant’s interior is characteristic of a hyper-masculine theme. The spot’s staff also seem to be extremely no-nonsense kind giving the entire restaurant a self-styled old fashion vibe. The steaks served here are responsible for keeping people coming back. It is equally worth noting that this restaurant has been previously voted New York city’s leading steakhouse for close to 30 years in a row.

1. Aska, Brooklyn

Situated in an 1860s fully restored warehouse (around the edge of Williamsburg bridge), the Aska is a well-known modern Brooklyn restaurant solely run by highly experienced Michelin Swedish chefs.  A visit to this spot serves as a guarantee to enjoy a journey of exquisite Scandinavian tastes made using specially obtained ingredients from local farm produce producers in the northeast.

It features a spacious and intimate dining area and on offer are 12-course dinners at an average of $265 but with the option of adding beverages. In the event you are looking for a restaurant that is low key, then Aska is the place.  With two Michelin already under its belt, Aska has set the bar very high when it comes to fine dining around Brooklyn.

Expert tip: besides being a non-tipping restaurant, it is equally important to note that prices include all relevant services. In addition to the above, reservations have to be made in advance.

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