Imagine a desert with many beaches being one of the most sought-after places to visit all-round the year. Yes, San Diego, popularly known as one of the finest cities in the United States of America comes right at the top of every list of best places to visit in America.

San Diego is often called the birthplace of California and has just the perfect blend of history and modern amenities that instantly attract everyone who travels. Voted as the 20th most safe city in America, San Diego is a very friendly place and one of the many reasons why so many excited travelers make a beeline towards San Diego.

San Diego is geographically located next to the Pacific Ocean and is extremely popular for the dry summers and mild winters it gives the travelers. Located at the very bottom of western California, San Diego has a whole eleven miles of beautiful coastline. Therefore, it is certainly not very surprising that there are plenty of beautiful beaches in the city. But there is also a whole host of other activities to do. Talking about the best time to visit this beautiful city, the residents say that the best time to visit San Diego is any time one gets the chance to go there.

However, to answer the question – What is the best time to visit San Diego, one needs to ascertain the reason for being there. Because San Diego has a lot to offer for everyone. Right from the adventure junkie to the thrill seeker to the culture patron, you name it and San Diego has it.

With an average daily temperature touching 70° Fahrenheit, one needs an ample amount of sunscreen and shorts right throughout the year. And the Pacific Ocean in San Diego has one of the coldest ocean temperatures with a peak being observed in August. No wonder people travel to San Diego to enjoy surfing and to engage in watersports among other things. This article will deal with the best time to visit San Diego and what you can experience as a tourist there.

Things To Do In San Diego

Things To Do In San Diego

Before deciding the best time to visit San Diego, one needs to have clarity about the various things one can do in San Diego. For people who are hardcore food aficionados, San Diego offers a wide variety of international delicacies that simply enchant the harshest of hearts. Not only is food an important attraction, but it is also a chief cultural aspect in San Diego with restaurant weeks being celebrated multiple times throughout the year.

For water sports buffs, the open beaches are a haven for meeting up with like-minded fans and fellow enthusiasts. San Diego also offers Art events and wine festivals for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Beer fests, Musical festivals, concerts, Marathons, pop culture events, firework displays et al, San Diego just doesn’t stop with the surprises.

Best Area To Stay In San Diego

Best Area To Stay In San Diego

San Diego has a lot of touristy places and events that people come seeking. And it also offers some unique areas for tourists to set base while enjoying the San Diego sun and culture.

Depending on what one has come searching for, one can pick the ideal location to stay in San Diego. The best areas to stay in San Diego are all located at quite a distance from each other and one would require to make an elaborate plan before traveling to San Diego.

One of the top tourist attractions is definitely the beaches in San Diego. For anyone wanting to bask in the glory of the sun, sand, and sea, San Diego offers a triad of options in the form of the Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and Ocean Beach. To access these attractions, you will need to find accommodations in the northwest area of San Diego.

Packed to the brim with every beach goer’s dream come true requirements, San Diego beckons all the walkers, joggers, and beachcombers to arrive and soak in the beautiful beach vibe it exudes.

Hotels with a glorious view of the beach, beach toys, and delicious food are just some of the value-for-money you can take out of San Diego. The summer is the best time to visit San Diego as the weather makes it easy for you to enjoy the pristine beachside on offer.

If one prefers a more luxurious experience, heading to La Jolla is the best option. Kayaking, surfing, paragliding, you name it and La Jolla, the upmarket neighborhood has everything to tease and tantalize you.

You will get access to some of the best luxury spas, golf clubs and get served fresh food from the farm-to-table restaurants that do wonderful business there.

San Diego has an eclectic mix of museums, aquariums, zoos, and even botanical gardens. Families traveling with kids love these attractions and prefer all the exceptional resorts catering especially to families.

Families, especially couples looking for a romantic get-away will swear by Coronado Island as the best area to stay in San Diego. Managed by a separate administration, this quaint little city is one of the most sought-after resort destinations. Another reason why people choose to come to this beautiful island getaway is its closeness to Balboa Park which is only a 10-minute drive away.

The Old Town district, famous for its rich history, has quite a few places architecturally important. The dual advantage of coming here is the close proximity it shares with the San Diego International Airport. These also double up as boarding places for anyone looking to experience the history of this wonderful city up close and personal.

One simply cannot describe the best area to stay in San Diego without touching upon its most popular tourist attraction – Gaslamp Quarter. Filled to the brim with historic buildings wooing tourists with their architectural beauty, it also has some of the most exciting eateries and the best club scene in the business. If you are still trying to identify the best time to visit San Diego, we would suggest you stop looking and start driving.

5 Star Hotels In San Diego

5 Star Hotels In San Diego

Some of the best 5 star hotels in San Diego are themselves huge tourist attractions and prime reasons for the visitors to throng this beach city.

There are quite a few iconic and spacious properties that will appeal to those who prefer the 5-star experience. Direct access to some of the best beach fronts, rooftop bars, open kitchen restaurants is all chief attraction in San Diego.

People who visit this awesome sun-kissed city also specifically search for hotels with jacuzzi in room San Diego. Usually, those that consider winter as the best time to visit San Diego covet the specific services of hotels with jacuzzi in room San Diego.

Not only are the 5 star hotels in San Diego much loved by tourists for the soul food San Diego has to offer, but they also actively seek out opportunities to go sports fishing, jet skiing, sailboats are also simply the perfect vacation ingredients.

Along with soul food San Diego also offers a wide spread of international cuisines ranging from Italian restaurants, Mexican eateries, Japanese places serving everything in fine dining to casual pizzerias and small-town restaurant feels.

One of the most popular haunts which we cannot avoid missing is the Morning Glory San Diego. With recognition from Michelin Guide for offering patrons affordable and tasty breakfast and brunch meals, Morning Glory San Diego has recently added another feather to its cap. One of Little Italy’s main attractions, this quaint little place, the waiting time at the Morning Glory San Diego can frustrate interested patrons.

Best Time To Visit San Diego

Best Time To Visit San Diego

For people who would love to participate in marathons, indulge in whale watching, and generally enjoy the New Year eating wonderful restaurant fare, the best time to visit San Diego is in January.

Celebrating San Diego Museum month and enjoying hotel accommodations and other fun activities at a much more affordable price, then February is the best time to visit San Diego.

Arriving next is the peak season opening and the best time to visit San Diego – March. As tourists start filing into San Diego, one finds the hotel prices slowly rising, and beaches gearing up to welcome the first set of beachwear-clad revelers ready for loads of sunshine and beach time. Other top-billed events include the baseball game openers and San Diego Zoo Butterfly Jungle exhibit which is seasonal in nature.

Stepping into April, people continue to take in the warm weather San Diego has to offer. You will come across art events on the streets of Little Italy and can find delectable food items across cafes as you hop across galleries. Some vote for April as the best time to visit San Diego.

Though there is an onset of rains, it never gets very cold and rainy in San Diego. In fact, many tourists will swear by the fact that May is the best time to visit San Diego. People visit San Diego for outdoor sightseeing and to enjoy live music across various festivals by the bay.

June usually brings in the rains with overcast skies. People still make their way to San Diego for numerous events lined up through the monthly calendar. Most attended events include the beer festival and the marathon in June. Along with that people also enjoy the strolls, carnivals, exhibits, and fairs.

With the gloomy rainy June month finally disappearing, July brings with it the best time to visit San Diego if you are a comic lover. The comic book convention happens in July bringing fans of most adored comic book characters and Hollywood blockbusters.

August is the month where San Diego receives peak sunshine and also a bit less crowded beaches, hotels, and other attractions. With children going back to school, San Diego only gets visitors who are keen on attending the outdoor music concerts which go on for 17 nights. No doubt making it the best time to visit San Diego for them.

Blue skies peppered with light wisps of clouds greet tourists who decide to arrive in San Diego in the month of September. There are many activities and events happening in September ranging from boat races, air shows, music festivals, and even baseball games making it a packed calendar.

One of the best times to visit San Diego for families is in the month of October. Children get to enjoy almost every single attraction in San Diego for free. Families enjoy this discount and clamor to visit San Diego seeking to enjoy many of its attractions at a huge discount thanks to “Kid free October” being celebrated every year.

Many tourists choose to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in San Diego thanks to the beer festival predominantly. Tourists who arrive early in November, also enjoy wide discounts at hotels.

Ever heard of ice skating by the beach in shorts? Well, San Diego offers this unique opportunity for many tourists that leave the cold weather back home and arrive in San Diego to enjoy a little bit of sun in December. There are a bevy of events lined up all throughout the month of December that would delight any tourist so much so that one might be forced to proclaim December as the best time to visit San Diego.

In Conclusion, San Diego offers the perfect mix of temperature, climate, and events right throughout the year for those who want to enjoy a specific activity. One can surmise that the best time to visit San Diego would be before the month of May, but after the weekend which comes post-Labor Day. The simple reason is to avoid an overcrowded beach full of tourists that come down in hordes and to miss whatever little rain this beautiful city gets.

Not only would you be offered excellent hotels with a jacuzzi in room San Diego, but you would also get the best choices when it comes to soul food San Diego has to serve in the form of awesome barbecued, fried, golden chicken dishes. Don’t forget to experience Morning Glory San Diego as part of your itinerary. San Diego is a place that keeps you calling for more and once you get a taste of this beachside heaven on earth, there is no way you would be able to keep away from it. Experience shows that people keep going back for more and come away discovering yet another new angle to this beautiful city.

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