In 2016, Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront set standards for kid play space around the country with a wide range of activities for children to indulge in. However, in 2019 the organization shifted its focus towards strategic planning to come up with new exhibits for kids across the country and therefore the company closed its Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront to the public in 2019. Let’s have a look at some of the services they used to offer at dumbo waterfront and what they’re offering now in their new revamped structure.

SPARK: Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront

Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront

The Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront was referred to as SPARK. Spark opened in 2016 and was a kid’s play space that spanned across 1,850 square feet of pristine real estate in dumbo waterfront. The place was open for classes, activities, playing places, events, parties, and more.

Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront was the first of its kind that had changing exhibits, however, what made the place real popular among 6-year-olds was the dress-up section with a variety of clothes.

Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront also featured their infamous block lab which aimed at improving children’s creativity and giving them a sense of working together as a team. Kids would often pair up and use oversized foams to construct whatever they had in their minds. If the weather was good, kids could shift their construction outdoors allowing them to enjoy nature while being productive.

There was an artist’s studio at Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront with different themes every week and different products used that would rotate week after week. This would enable kids to get their arts and crafts on while at the same time learning how to use different art products.

There was also a discovery den at the Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront where kids could get up close with the artifacts, touch them, examine them, and learn about them. The museum not only focused on education in terms of arts, music, history, nature but also would have open plays on Tuesday through Sunday where kids would be able to express themselves and be confident.

Brooklyn children’s museum dumbo waterfront was a great place for kids, however, in 2019 the doors to the museum shut down completely. Don’t be disappointed, there is still the original Brooklyn children’s museum and it’s gotten even better. Let’s have a look at what services the museum offers.

Brooklyn children’s museum: Mission

The museum aims to create experiences that will not only spur creativity among kids but also enjoy learning like never before. Considered New York’s largest cultural organization, the museum was founded in 1899 and has served over 300,000 children at their crown heights property. The programs are specially curated to keep children and their behavior in mind and therefore includes activities that empower children, provide sensory learning, enable teamwork, and many more.

Brooklyn children’s museum: Education

Brooklyn children’s museum Education

Serving the community for 120 years, the Brooklyn children’s museum has become a leader in this space for educating kids in the region. There are guided workshops and walk through tours inside the museum that not only attract kids but also adults.

Museum on the go

So, this one is one of the special offerings at the museum. There are multiple historic artifacts, jewelry, clothes, bags, and more from all over the world and different cultures. Each ornament, ring, bag, cloth, or item has significance in history and culture and can be brought to classrooms near you to teach kids the importance of such items, the culture around them, and the history behind them.

The museum also has fossils, butterflies, birds, and more to educate kids on nature, what existed in earlier times, and what species still exist. There are collective cases for on the go museum exhibitions that hold 100 years worth of New York history. Often we have neglected our culture and our past, however, with the museum on the go, you can have kids learn all that without having to leave their classrooms.

Brooklyn children’s museum: Programs

Brooklyn children’s museum Programs

The museum has several programs especially aimed at kids of different ages. These programs take into account the cognitive ability of kids and make learning more fun by bringing creative and innovative ways of learning.

Below are some of the programs aimed at children.

Art in the color lab

The art program in the color lab is available during the weekends and starts at 10 am in the morning going all the way up to 3 pm. A muse artist leads the workshop teaching kids and adults art, inspiring them to become the next big thing in this space. Families also do get time to play around with their kids in the art gallery which not only enhances family time but also subliminally inspires kids to become more creative.

BCM exhibits

This is a great spot to play around for the kids. It’s open for the public on weekends and hosts several exhibits like the nest, world Brooklyn, neighborhood nature, totally tots, and more. These exhibits bring out the best among individuals and provide a great learning space where kids can not only learn from others but also have fun at the same time.

So, how much does this all cost then?

There is no such thing as free lunch and hence the museum does charge a flat fee to cover their overheads to help them go on. The museum charges a flat fee of $13 per person regardless of their age. This includes the play session and color lab as well. However, if you’re a member of the museum or a corporate member then that $13 goes down to $10 per person. You can also pay as much as you like during Sunday’s play sessions that start at 530pm, however, you are required to make advance recommendations as the place tends to get full really quick on a Sunday.

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