Brooklyn law school is one of New York City’s private law schools. It was established in 1901. Later on, the American Bar Association fully accredited and permitted the Brooklyn law school to give the admissions to the bar and provide legal education. Currently, the New York School Education Department has approved the Brooklyn law school tuition and curriculum. It is an old and prestigious institute with particular admission criteria, so the Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is 47.2%.

According to the law school data, there are almost 1100 students enrolled in different programs every year in the Brooklyn law school. The Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is not very high as compared to other top-ranking law schools in the United States. While applying for Brooklyn law school, you must know that it offers a number of doctoral and master’s degrees, but currently, there is no bachelor’s degree course available.

The prestigious Brooklyn law school is well known for producing a lot of big names in society. The New Mayor of New York City, David Dinkins, and the United States Senator Norm Colemen attended Brooklyn Law school for their education. Some of the best judges also graduated from Brooklyn law school, such as Edward Robert Korman and Frank Xavier Altimari.

The thing which makes Brooklyn law school different from other law schools is its diversity since the beginning. Many African Americans completed their education in the Brooklyn Law school.

If you have decided to apply for Brooklyn law school, you have made a great decision because you will get in touch with the City’s largest law firms and courts while studying there. Before applying for admission, you should know the law school’s requirements and the Brooklyn law school acceptance rate so that you can prepare according to it.

Don’t worry; here, we have broken down all the important information regarding admissions into the Brooklyn law school in the simplest way possible. Keep reading if you want to dig out more about it!

How To Get Into Law School?

How to get into Law School

You must know all the requirements for admission to the law school; after that, you can search for the Brooklyn law school acceptance rate.

The institute offers a rolling basis admission procedure for almost all degrees, which means that there are higher chances of your selection irrespective of Brooklyn law school acceptance rate if you apply early. For the two years JD program, you have to apply within a set specific deadline.

The Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is not very high, but you are required to have an average GPA of 3.15. You can’t be sure about the GPA because it usually fluctuates between 3.15 to 3.31.

For getting admission into Brooklyn law school, you are required to take the ACT or SAT.Β  If you perform well on both of these tests, you can submit both test scores with your application. As per law school numbers, it is unnecessary to take both SAT and ACT; you can prepare for any one of these.

The LSAT or GRE score is also required to be filled in the Brooklyn law school application form. The students accepted at the Brooklyn law school have been seen to have an average LSAT score of around 160.

The student has to submit a short personal statement and recommendation letters along with their application form. It is an integral part of the application because the admission committee reads it to get an idea about your potential. A strong personal statement and recommendation letter will give you an edge over the other applicants.

Although the Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is not similar to the other top-ranking law schools, the admission criteria are almost the same.

Brooklyn Law school Ranking

Schools are ranked according to their performance and achievements. Brooklyn Law School is ranked at No# 81(tie) in the exemplary law schools and No.16 in Part-time laws. The enrollment of this school is 1,037 full-time, and the tuition fee is $62,046.

Brooklyn Law School’s acceptance rate is 47.2%, among those who apply for admission. It is on No. 88 in acceptance. The total number of students in 2020 was 405, and it ranked No.64 for the highest percentage of students. The Brooklyn Law school acceptance rate compared to other colleges is lower due to which if you have an average score, you can easily prepare yourself to get admission into this law college.

The graduation rate is 78.6%. The currently enrolled students’ present is around 1100. Therefore, the school is a moderately selective organization that endorsed any candidate with an impressive and good overall profile GRE and Law school admission test score.

Brooklyn Law School Acceptance rate

Brooklyn Law School

The Brooklyn Law school acceptance rate is 47.2% which means that it is selective in giving admission to the students. The school ranks at 88th spot in terms of accepting their students at the law institute every year.

The Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is not too low, so many students aim to get admission in it. Thousands of students apply, which ultimately leads to demanding admission criteria. Hence, you need to prepare for a good GPA and SAT score in order to secure admission into your dream college.

The average GPA required is around 3.15, but it can fluctuate between 3.15 and 3.31, so aim for a higher target. Not only a good GPA, but you are also required to have good SAT, ACT, and LSAT or GRE scores.

Take a look at the online law school admissions calculator in order to get an idea about the Brooklyn law school acceptance rate and statistics for the Year 2020-2021.

Programs Offered At Brooklyn Law school

The Brooklyn school specializes in five certificate programs, and it also offers LLM and Master’s degree programs. The Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is almost the same for all the programs, as evidenced by law school numbers.

The certificate programs at the law institute include the certificate in international Law, Real estate, criminal law, business law, IP, Media, and information law. Brooklyn also offers online law school facilities.

How Long Does Law School take?

If you are a law school aspirant, you must be wondering how long is law school? The time you spend in law school generally depends upon your opted degree program.Β  It is the last phase, so typically, it takes around three years to complete a law college or school degree.

Unlike an undergraduate degree where students are allowed to choose their own pace, you are advised to complete the degree in the given time in a law school. Normally, students are not given extensions, but if there is any medical emergency or any other genuine problem, you might be allowed to freeze your degree for some time.

If you enter the law field, you must be committed enough to give three or four years of your life to law school. In total, it takes around seven years for an average college entering student to complete the law degree. So, if you ask how many years in law school, then it is 3 to 4 years.

What Is The Cost Of Law School?

What is the cost of law school

Looking at the Brooklyn law school acceptance rate, one cannot exactly predict the cost of study. So, let’s look at how much you will have to invest in getting a degree from the prestigious law institute.

The Brooklyn Law School offers the flexibility of part-time law school degree options. It provides part-time four-year Juris Doctorate programs and full-time 3-year and joint degree options, and LL.M degree, so the yearly costs will fluctuate between these different options.

The 2021 school graduate tuition fees of Brooklyn Law School are approximately around $62,254. Brooklyn Law School’s graduate tuition and fees are much more costly than the standard number of similar schools’ fees ($26,474 – Private (not-for-profit) School of Law). The 2021 tuition & fees are slightly lower than last year (2020) at Brooklyn Law School.

The tuition fees of different law colleges vary depending upon their ranking and many other factors. The Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is not very high, and it’s a private law college, so you can afford to study there if you can pay around $65000 to $67000 annually.

If we compare the Brooklyn Law School with the top-ranked school of the United States, Yale Law School, then the Brooklyn Law School is much more flexible in fees. In contrast, the Yale Law school tuition fees are somewhere that stands at $67,108 in 2021-2022. The admission fees to schools have increased in the past several decades, but some institutes have still resisted keeping it the same so that everyone can get an education from their dream institute.

How Hard It Is To Study In Law Schools?

Law is basically a system of rules and regulations. But intensive study related to Law is pretty difficult. It is more challenging than other Fields or subjects. This can be one reason why Brooklyn law school acceptance rate and the other law school selectivity criteria are very demanding.

While in law school, one has to go through stress, heavy workload, liability, and commitments. Likewise, the procedure of Law is different from other courses. It primarily exercises critical analysis skills, focuses on long-term memory recollection, and most importantly, practical application of things.

With every passing day, the value of Law is increasing in our society.Β  One well-known French theorist said, “Man is born free, but everyone he is in chains.” Here the chain denotes Law.

But under the umbrella of Law, man’s life is limited and as well as free by Law.

It means if you have enough law knowledge, you know limitation in Law means protections of your rights from other individuals. And freedom in Law means fulfillment of your duties. No doubt, at first the students have to go through a number of difficult exams. The purpose of these exams is to prepare law graduates for future hardships.

The teaching method in law school is partially dependent upon the case method study.

Furthermore, pupils are benchmarked by the examiner in exams by case studies scrutinizing. On the other hand, such ambiguous cases prepare the students for logical interpretation of laws and increase their thinking capability. Such kinds of activities help a lot in the formation of precedent.

In Law, students need to study a tremendous amount of material for just a little knowledge, making them feel that Law is the hardest among all other fields.

Should I Go To Law School?

The prime reason to go to law school is if you’re genuinely passionate about Law. If studying Law is your goal, then you should go to law school. If you consider going for law study, you should consider the following points and stress about the Brooklyn law school acceptance rate.

Studying Law obliges several talents; it is intellectually demanding but also highly cited.

Although the Law is sometimes depicted as a boring subject, Law is a very different subject influencing every element of our lives. If you are attracted to what’s going on in the world around you, then the Law could be the subject for you, and you wouldn’t find it challenging.

Verbal communication is very important to the study of Law. A considerable part of your degree will be examined on the basis of coursework and written examination. An eagerness to participate in presentations and group discussions is vital for a law student. Whether you are speaking or writing something, you must provide a clear, logical, and persuasive way to deal with any particular topic.


The Brooklyn law school acceptance rate is higher than the other top-ranking law school’s acceptance rates. The acceptance rate is not there to discourage you, but it gives you an idea of how much effort is required to get admission to your dream law college. Study hard and give it your best shot. Best of Luck to all the future lawyers!

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