Walking in the streets of Brooklyn you will encounter Brooklyn clothing stores, Brooklyn grocery stores and you can also see the large amusement park in Coney Island. Even the shopping Brooklyn scene is also some of the best as you’ll find everything here. However, there is one thing that Brooklyn is truly known for and that is their New York pizzas. So, don’t forget to search “best Brooklyn pizza near me”, when you are in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s pizza culture

You will find all sorts of eateries here, however, only one cuisine reigns on top, the mighty pizza. You can ask any local around to tell you their best pizza spots in town and you’ll be greeted with either one of the two responses. They will have a strong preference towards a pizzeria or it might be very difficult for them to choose. Whatever the case, we’ve seen celebrities go down to the boroughs of New York to indulge in some of the finest pizzas in all of the United States.

If you’re in New York and are looking for the best Brooklyn pizza near me, then we’ve got you covered.

Brooklyn’s pizza culture

Best Brooklyn pizza near me

While in Brooklyn, searching “Brooklyn pizza near me” will show you some of the best spots to eat pizza in the entire world. Yes, we said it, folks. Brooklyn pizza is not only known for its originality but also sticks to its Italian roots. Here are the pizzas you should try if you’re wondering what is the best Brooklyn pizza near me while in Brooklyn.


Just like how Cambridge has become an institution for education, Grimaldi’s has become one in the pizza space. If you’re in Brooklyn and you search “best Brooklyn pizza near me”, Grimaldi’s will make it to the top of the list. Operational since 1990, Grimaldi’s came from humble beginnings with their historic spot under the Brooklyn bridge however slowly expanded into becoming a household name not just in Brooklyn but across the United States.

Tourists and locals flock from all parts of the country to try their coal-fired brick oven pizzas that have been perfected for more than 100 years of pizza-making tradition. The place started as a family-run business and now has franchises across the States, it is that good. The best part about dining in at Grimaldi’s is that they have an open kitchen.  You can see the entire pizza-making process from making their secret tomato sauce to the mozzarella, dough, and the tossing of the pizza.

Grimaldi’s at Brooklyn now spans three floors and more than 100 patrons are running around the pizzeria serving the customers that keep coming in. It’s always busy and the wait to be seated is worth it! They have a premium bar and a wine list available completing the best pizza experience you’ll ever have. Even celebrities enjoy coming to this to grab a pizza slice to eat with Frank Sinatra being their regular customer back then.

1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States


This is a story about Pat and Carol, who had created Grimaldi’s, the historic pizza place under Brooklyn bridge. Retiring, the couple had sold Grimaldi’s but in 2012 they came out of their retirement to show everyone how pizza is done right. Thin crust pizzas made from the finest ingredients from all over the world, Juliana’s soon became the heart of the pizza scene in Brooklyn.


You can enjoy the traditional Italian meatballs and spaghetti that has the perfect tomato sauce making the dish rustic and wholesome. However, it is the pizzas that everyone keeps coming back for more. Julianna’s pizza is very simple and that is why many people love it. You can choose between a medium and a large pie (Margherita, marinara, white pizza, and calzone) with the option to add up to two different toppings ranging from pepperoni to ricotta, Prosciutto, arugula, and more. Julianna’s is not to be missed if you’re searching for “Brooklyn pizza near me”.

19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States


You can not possibly skip on the internet sensation that is Lucali. It makes it on the top list of searches as the most rated when you look for “Brooklyn pizza near me. The place started as an accidental affair to save his childhood candy store from closing, Lucali ended up making some of the best pizzas to have the customers come back for me. Lucali is known to be the top on the pizza cult list and has been all over the news and media for their delicious, authentic yet simple pizzas.

With a stellar personality and a heart of gold, Mark Iacono has woven himself into the neighborhood fabric and left a mark on the food community with his brick-oven pizzas. As you walk into Lucali, you will notice remnants from the old candy store adding a whole different personality to the warm vibes exuded by this pizza parlor.


The menu is simple and limited with a few extra toppings available to choose from. Guests can order either a pie or pizza and there are no reservations. You have to be there waiting in line and popping your name on their books. Once that is done, you can walk around the streets of Brooklyn or enjoy a drink at one of the nearby bars. You’ll get a call once it’s your turn to sit. The restaurant only accepts cash keeping it very traditional and you need to bring your drinks as they don’t offer any.

575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

Di Fara Pizza

Dom in 1965 found his way from Italy to Brooklyn for an honest living and ended up opening one of the best pizza places in town. Each pie is perfectly crafted by Dom himself who has over 50 years of pizza-making experience. Cooking at the age of 82, the legend is now supported by his children making Di Fara Pizza, a family affair that has left a print on the Brooklyn pizza scene. So, you can’t miss Di Fara Pizza if you’re searching for “Brooklyn pizza near me”.

Pizza can be found in slices and also the entire pie. People can choose between traditional toppings like sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions or go for their special toppings ranging from Meatballs, soppressata to porcini mushrooms, eggplant, and more.

Di Fara pizza featured in Brooklyn’s top pizza list in 2018, and many other media and news features. Dom was even seen enjoying pizza with Mark Iacono from Lucali and the picture immediately caught the tabloid’s attention, captioning it as “Brooklyn pizza gods breaking bread together”.

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230, United States

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