Tired of COVID and its ramifications. Tired of lockdown, face masks, and dull dreary stay-at-home workdays? You need a holiday. Badly. And what better place than Cherry Springs? This article will tell you about Cherry Springs State Park Camping – Everything you need to know!

A well-known naturalist and writer, John Muir once said “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” And while this can be done in numerous tourist destinations across the length and breadth of the country, nowhere is it more relevant than at Cherry Springs State Park Camping.

Cherry Springs, a remote park for die-hard campers bitten by the “great outdoors” bug, is so remote that mobile connectivity is very poor, nearly non-existent. And when tourism pamphlets say rustic, they are referring to the fact that there are no regular toilets with running water – only vault toilets. You will not find electric points or regular sewer lines running. Do not look for luxuries. It is Cherry Springs State Park camping. Not a luxury resort. But if you are a lover of nature, peace, and serenity, have the right practical gear and equipment you need for a camping trip, this is definitely the place for you.

Known as Cherry Springs because of the black cherry trees lining the 82-acre state park, this park is encircled by the 262,000-acre Susquehannock State Forest, and is an open camping site with a capital “O”. This campsite, which is open for 24 hours, is located on Route 44 in West Branch Township. It is found at the end of a 15-mile long bike trail that starts at Denton Hill and meanders through Patterson State Park. The geographical location is 41.6501 degrees north, 77.8164 degrees west, and the address is:

4639 Cherry Springs Rd, Coudersport, PA 16915, United States The campsites are reservable and for online reservations, go to (https://pennsylvaniastateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/cherry-springs-state-park/r/campground-Details.do?contractCode=PA&parkId=880143)

You can contact +1 814-435-1037 for reservations and can also call toll-free 88-PA-PARKS, from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Great, now that you have decided to go Cherry Springs State Park camping, you need to look for some good hotels near Cherry Springs State Park.

Cherry Springs State Park Lodging

Cherry Springs State Park Lodging

Apart from many good hotels, there are also many lodgings nearby. Some of these cottages have that delightful quaint and rustic look. One of these is Cherry Springs cottage, which is truly a cottage and cabin by the stream. It truly is a delightful place besides which runs a crystal clear bubby brook.

There are other Cherry Springs State Park lodging that promise to be a peaceful getaway for your hunting or fishing trip. There are also numerous hobby activities like biking, fishing, hunting, and simply exploring for those who are not happy with the delights that Cherry Springs State Park camping offers. While there are many good hotels near Cherry Springs State Park, lodges and hotels are not the only places to stay. There are many trailers and other forms of nonconventional residences in the campground near Cherry Springs State Park.

For those on a budget and who fancy “roughing it out”, there are trailers and caravans that can be rented too. The rates for these trailers range all the way from $80 per night to as high as $209 per night. During peak seasons, even the trailers are booked, so make sure that you make your reservations early enough, to use a rather cliched word “avoid disappointment”. Note that the rates mentioned varying from year to year and may also fluctuate depending on the seasons and the rush at the campground near Cherry Springs State Park.

Pets Are Not Allowed Everywhere

When camping in such places, keep in mind that pets are not allowed into all the areas of the park, only in very limited designated areas. For those who have no option but to bring along their pets, they can find their way to the nearby Pennsylvania Wilds, where pets are allowed. Pets are also not allowed in the public night sky programs, at the Overnight Astronomy Observation field, and in the Rustic Campground either. There are also other rules which are meant to be followed like Alcoholic beverages are not permitted and occupants in trailers at the camp have to be responsible and ensure that clean disposal of waste is taken care of. Also, there is to be no dishwashing in the restrooms or at the hydrants. Other than some simple rules of clean hygiene and non-intrusive boarding, the Cherry Springs State Park camping is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

God’s Handiwork

It is also touted as being the site where one can view the darkest of skies and hence for that very reason is regarded as one of the best places for stargazing and is the favorite haunt of students of astronomy as well as folks who just want to sleep under the open sky and gaze at God’s handiwork.

It is recommended that this take place after a hearty meal, and then later you begin your session, the better. In fact, in 2000, the DCNR announced Cherry Springs State Park as its first Dark Sky Park. And in June 2007, the International Dark-Sky association christened it as the “International Dark Sky Park”. The much-touted dark sky can be seen from the Allegheny Plateau, near the Appalachian Mountain Range, a very old mountain range and it is truly one of the darkest skies you will probably ever witness at Cherry Springs State Park camping.

Budding astronomers here can heighten their knowledge of Planets, Nebulae, galaxies along the Milky Way, and numerous other heavenly bodies. On a clear day, visitors may even be surprised by the occasional shooting star! And this is perhaps one of the few parks where there is a very good chance that you might witness the famous “Aurora Borealis” more popularly known as the “Northern Lights”.



There are public stargazing programs at the Night Sky Public viewing area and amphitheater. The Night Sky Public viewing area is only open for a few hours and overnight stays there are not permitted. Visitors who are staying at a campground near Cherry Springs State Park can visit the amphitheater for a few hours and then return. Those at the Cherry Springs State Park camping receive some tips there for stargazing which include:

Not looking at any bright lights. This will hinder your ability to see the dark sky properly. They also advise you to gaze at the sky on a clear night on a new moon and also to use an app like the Night Sky Lite to enhance your viewing experience and enjoy the simple pleasures of returning to nature.

Authorities there also insist on the gazers maintaining a peaceful atmosphere at Cherry Springs State Park camping, keeping noises to a minimum and refraining from shining bright lights. If at all one has to shine a light (like a flashlight), remember to keep it pointed at the ground.

If you are a regular visitor here, then you can also secure yourself a galaxy pass which permits you access throughout the year. If you are enjoying this unique feature of Cherry Springs State Park camping, remember that they also host two-star parties a year, during which dozens of astronomers make their way towards this park to pay homage to the stars above them

Other Attractions

But gazing up at the stars is not the only recreation you can engage in at Cherry Springs State Park camping. For those who love to be beside a lake, although the park itself has no facilities for fishing, the neighboring Pine Creek does have spots to engage in some restful fishing.

When talking of water pursuits, although Cherry Springs State Park camping does not offer opportunities for swimming, you can always venture out to the nearby Lyman Run State Park. Over there is a calming sandy beach, where you can snack out or rent a boat.

Within the park itself, there is a one-mile trail going around the periphery of the park. There is also the Susquehanna Greenway trail for those who love to pedal the wheels. There are other small trails also which go through the Pennsylvania woods.

Woodsmen Show

Woodsmen Show

Another star attraction at the Cherry Springs State Park camping is the Woodsmen Show. This is held in August every year and attracts numerous tourists, some of whom come just to view this show. Traditional skills of the lumberjacks are put to the test here in activities like log rolling, tree felling, block chopping, axe throwing, and chainsaw events. This is a great event not just to watch physically but also to capture on your mobile phone or DSLR.

The 69th Woodsmen Show held this year in August at Cherry Springs State Park Camping was sponsored by the Rotary Club and was dedicated to John Ryan, a past president of the club.



Now while you may well enjoy watching these beefy skilled men excelling at what they do best, apart from humans, at the Cherry Springs State Park camping, there are numerous forms of wildlife that you might spot during your hikes such as deers, otters, chipmunks, rabbits, sometimes weasels and the occasional large Elk. Although not so common, even shy animals such as porcupines and raccoons may cross your path, if you tread warily and quietly.

Apart from the Park itself, at the campground near Cherry Springs State Park, there are many picnic sites. Some of the recommended meals to enjoy on your jaunts are camp pizza finishing with a scrumptious peach-blackberry camp cake. In addition, there are numerous hangouts where you can wash down your hearty meal with an aromatic tea or coffee.

The area around Cherry Springs State Park Camping is also known for its history. In 1818, the Ceres Land Company owned much of the land in Potter County, and a bridle path was forged through the woods in 1806.

Allegheny River Campground

Allegheny River Campground

There is also the Allegheny River Campground at Potter County, PA. This is situated 7 miles west of Coudersport, PA on Route 6 at mile marker 170. It is a charming rustic spot with a large river where water sports such as boating or kayaking can be enjoyed. Or, if the feverish activity is not your cup of tea, then, provided you have the gear, you can find a quiet spot where you can park yourself and fish away to your heart’s content. There is an abundance of aquatic animals in the surrounding lakes and the idyllic surroundings make for a very peaceful and restful afternoon.

Other Attractions Not To Be Missed

At the campground near Cherry Springs State Park, there is also the Austin Dam Memorial Park, the Lyman Run State Park, and the PA Lumber Museum.

The Lyman Run State Park is a massive 595-acre park with a forest containing a mix of maple and cherry trees, which surround the Lyman Run Lake and hence the name. There are also many snowmobile trails in Susquehannock State Forest which are popular with tourists. Many areas of public land are open to Snowmobiling and these bikes can be rented out in Potter County.

By now you must be getting your suitcases ready and reaching out to your mobiles or landlines to make a reservation at hotels near Cherry Springs State Park, eager to rush to this unique and much sought-after destination. Nevertheless, Cherry Springs State Park camping is not for the introverts or the nerds. But if you are that person, or that family, that just loves nature and loves to stay in tune with it, this is one place to watch out for. And certainly worth the visit.

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