On a trip when you carry a lot of things, or due to a small accident, sometimes one of the wheels of our suitcases get damaged and has to be removed. Then arises the predicament with you asking yourself, should you buy a new suitcase or can it be repaired? Well, with this guide you will know that the solution is very simple, you just have to find replacement luggage wheels suppliers in your area.

Wheels are one of the essential elements to comfortably move your suitcase on each of the different trips you make. Not having them will make your trip difficult and very tedious, so it is always a good idea to have a spare set with you.

If you are looking for a good deal from replacement luggage wheels suppliers, you can explore an entire range of wheels from physical- or online stores. You can either buy sets of wheels to fix the bag yourself or hand your bag in for wheel repairs.

Luggage without wheels can be a nightmare

Luggage without wheels can be a nightmare

It can be such a relief when you are late for your transport to have luggage on wheels. It is just a case of walking or running along the tarmac and pulling your luggage along after you. Luggage handling is one of the most important aspects of travel and replacement luggage wheels suppliers will be in great demand when the wheels come off.

If your luggage has a broken- or missing wheel, you may feel tempted to just discard your luggage but in most cases, it can be simply a case or replacing the luggage wheels. It is a good idea to know the brand and wheel type.

First, check your luggage wheels over

However, before you believe that your wheels are properly broken, first check that there is not something stuck in the wheel system preventing them from spinning well. Sometimes it can be just a case of removing something or tightening one of the screws that had come loose.

If the wheel is completely beyond use, you can still replace it yourself or hand it in somewhere.

Many Replacement Luggage Wheels Suppliers

In searching for luggage wheel suppliers, It is a case of either looking in the Yellow Pages if you do not have Internet or going online and typing in the words replacement luggage wheels suppliers New York’ or typing in the name of the area you live in.

You will find names of stores coming up such as Franzen Security Products, MKM Solutions LLC, EagleCreek, Precision Elastomer, Inc, Ohio Travel Bag, and others.  Some of these stores will tell you that luggage repairs can be dropped off at their physical store, you can order parts yourself.

Online, names such as Amazon and eBay will also come up. You will find these online stores offer worldwide shipping to your door, easy payment options, and easy returns if need be.

Between all these stores, you will find a large variety of wheels for luggage as well as axles. They also include pictures, videos, information, and opinions about the different replacement wheels they have.

After measuring the wheels on your luggage, you will find that replacement luggage wheels suppliers have these wheels in different sizes, right up to 96mm and with ball bearings. You will usually find the wheels in a set of 2,

Most common types of luggage wheels

Most common types of luggage wheels

Spinner wheels are often found on baggage. These wheels are attached to the suitcase and they can move freely at 360° degrees. Because of the free-spinning wheels, you can pull the luggage or push it ahead of you.

Spinner wheels aren’t built into the luggage so they don’t take up any added space inside the suitcase. A lot of luggage comes with in-line skate wheels made of flexible polyurethane material and are recessed into the suitcase. You can pull your bag behind you with the wheel being designed to glide effortlessly over even uneven surfaces.

First check for Warranties

When a wheel is damaged or has come off, replacement luggage wheels suppliers can supply you with new wheels to fix the problem. First, check whether your case is under a manufacturer’s warranty because you in all likelihood qualify for a free repair or a free replacement bag.

If your bag is not under a warranty, there is no need to buy a new bag, as you can replace just the wheels.

There are replacement wheels for luggage that will get your luggage rolling efficiently again. There are some luggage stores in your area that may keep them or you can buy luggage replacement wheels according to size and style online.

Whether it’s spinner castors or inline skate wheels, the idea is to measure your wheels and check whether they are attached with rivets or screws. There are many videos online showing you exactly how to put on a new set of wheels.

Requires a few simple tools for repair

Requires a few simple tools for repair

If you do not have one or two tools to fix it with, maybe you can borrow them from your friend. You will need a wrench, screwdriver, bolt, screws, and replacement wheels.

You may be surprised to learn that even changing luggage wheels that are riveted can be a fairly easy process. You just need the right tools, the right replacement parts, and a nice flat surface to work on.

If you have the name of reliable replacement luggage wheels suppliers in your cell phone’s contact list then before you know it you can hit the road again with your luggage. They are super light and with a sturdy aluminum handle, it makes getting around super easy.

Check them all out because you can find discounts when you shop for replacement luggage wheels suppliers as well as other bonus perks all designed to ensure that you can add new life to your luggage with wheels.

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