It does not matter whether you are going away for a weekend, a week, or a month, but the time you have finished packing it looks like you are going away for months. The question is how to arrange the luggage so that the journey is as comfortable as possible. Placing all the luggage in the trunk of the car is not always the best solution; Many times, due to the amount of luggage we carry, it can exceed the capacity of the trunk of the car, and carrying it on the seats reduces space and comfort.

How to carry luggage on top of car?

How to carry luggage on top of the car

How to carry luggage on top of car becomes a burning question, as your boot is quite likely choc-a-bloc full already. Apart from your clothes, there will be bicycles, canoes, and other paraphernalia – all gear designed to ensure a super getaway. You have to be prepared, after all, that is key to a fun-filled, hassle-free holiday.

Yes, it is true that one of the best solutions is to carry our luggage on the roof of the car; however, it is not simply about placing it on the roof and taking the journey. We must take into consideration the proper way to arrange it and above all, what are the devices that we must have so that the trip is comfortable and safe – both for us and for our belongings.

The best carry on luggage for men is not set in stone and it is simply the one that works well for a guy on top of a car and in all other situations.

How to carry luggage on top of car safely

How to carry luggage on top of car safely

How to carry luggage on top of car requires you to determine the weight of your belongings. It is important to take into account what is described on the label of your rack and only fill it in accordingly. An SUV can handle much bigger loads than a coupe.  Each state has some penalties for driving a car with improperly secured loads.

How to carry luggage

If you want to know how to carry luggage on top of car it will require you to know how to prevent all your goods from flying off when your car picks up speed. This could cause the car behind you to swerve and lose control.

We look at the steps you can take to ensure the safety of your luggage –

  • Stack weights and sizes evenly across the roof rack.
  • You cannot pack too high as you have to bear in mind wind, low bridges, and overhanging trees, etc.
  • If you do not have a roof rack, you can have one installed, The secret is to select one that fits properly. All racks come with attachment points where the rack if chosen correctly, hooks snugly onto the car. If the points do not line up with your car, it will move and scratch the car’s paint.
  • Your vehicle may have a naked- or bare roof and then you will require a clip kit to create a thorough roof-rack system. This kit comes with clips and pads which fasten to your car.
  • Some people look at compact cargo carriers or roof boxes. Rooftop storage can include hard-shell cases and cargo bags so you will have to decide what is best for your needs. They are aerodynamic carriers and suited for all kinds of weather. They do not require the tying of ropes or straps to keep anything from flying off.
  • You can also try using 100% waterproof carrier bags made from  PVC fabric and that ensures no leakage.  If you do research you will find that there are roof protection pads that come with these bags to stop them from sliding around during driving and also ensures that the paint on the roof of the car is not scratched in any way.  The bag comes with door hooks and straps, ensuring the bag can be used on any car, with or without a roof rack.
  • Remember if you are regularly going away for weekends and are constantly hauling things like bikes and canoes, consider buying a dedicated rack for them.
  • You can make use of ratchet straps which are useful because they do not require knots. Choose straps with a strong holding strength. It’s a good idea to use the straps and tie your luggage down to the car and the roof.
  • Cover the entire load with a tarp or cargo net. The cargo net comes with hooks that clamp onto the luggage rack.

It is always important to know how to carry luggage on top of your car as then you can seamlessly ensure that choosing a destination is the more challenging aspect of a getaway than sorting luggage on a car roof.

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