How to fix luggage handle? The best way forward surely will be to deliver it to the workshop, where it surely is going to get back on its wheels. But what if you get in need to repair the bag’s handle urgently, right during the trip?

In a nutshell, it will require you actually having a spare handle, opening the suitcase, opening the zip to reveal the bolts and screws that fasten the handle in place and then finally replacing the broken handle with the new one. But wait! There is more.

How to fix luggage handle becomes something to know a little about when you embark on a journey. You want to have a temporary fix method that you can apply until you are back home and can be in touch with the luggage manufacturer about a refund or ordering a replacement handle.

Choose top-of-the-line luggage

When it comes to luggage you have got many choices, and in fact, when you are at the airport, you can see that people put emphasis on luggage brands, making sure that their luggage has their own personal stamp on it.

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When it comes to choosing bags for traveling, materials, soft or hard cases, wheel options, zippers, colors and handles all come into play. Luggage handles are an important decision as they make it easier for you to wheel your luggage around, making handling the luggage that much easier.

Discover what the problem is

Imagine how frustrating it can be trying to move heavy suitcases around because the handle has broken.  How to fix luggage handle when the luggage is still in perfect condition is a question that needs to be answered.

Take a good look at the handle and discover what the problem is with the handle, because if you can fix it yourself you will have saved yourself a ton of money getting it fixed by someone else. How many people have not had their luggage handle became stuck when in the extended position and then it would not retreat back into the bag?

How to fix luggage handle – Some Simple ideas

How to fix luggage handle –  problem like this is quite easy, and in fact, it is a common issue, quite likely being caused by the shaft on the inside being bent so that the retractable rod could not go down. Also, the handle button is quite possibly not connecting with the trigger mechanism to lower the rod, To find out if the triggering mechanism is broken, unfortunately, you will have to remove the handle by removing the screws.

You will find 2 inner tubes and there is a plastic piece near the handle that touches the mechanism controlled by the handle’s button. Push the piece down and see if the handle will move freely.

The problem is likely due to the fact that a piece of the inner tube is not coming into contact with the button. You can always try and put something like duct tape inside the handle to give the additional contact needed.

Have an extra handle available

When it comes to handles, it is a wise move to order an extra handle to take with you on your trip, because it is actually easy to repair a broken handle.

  • Unzip the liner to reveal the bolts and screws of the handle that hold it in place.
  • With a screwdriver remove the screws and bolts.
  • Remove the broken handle.
  • Put the new handle into the right position and tighten the screws all back in place.

Know the basics of fixing a broken handle

It is important to know the basics of how to fix luggage handle so that you can possibly continue your journey with the same luggage. It may be a temporary fix, but it may be more long-term so that you can use the luggage for your next trip. It is always a good idea to have a few spare parts with you.

You never know, the reason for your problem handle could simply be a case of a jammed handle because of a build-up of debris and rust. The bottom line is that as long as your handle is not broken entirely, there is every chance you can fix it and extend its life just a bit longer.

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