If you are crazy about travel and want to share your experiences through travel videos in a pocket-friendly but effective way, then Instagram is your answer. You’ll be surprised how much attention a professionally made video of just 15 seconds can get you!

Travel videos are growing in popularity, especially well-made ones that use trendy effects and music. Read on for some easy-to-follow travel tips that you can follow to create amazing Instagram travel videos.

3 Ways to Make Stunning Instagram Travel Videos

Stunning Travel Videos

Instagram can help you make travel videos that make viewers come back for more. Follow these tips to get the most out of Instagram:

Tip 1: Greater Creativity, Lesser Limitations

A huge success on Instagram is the 15-second video story. You haven’t read it wrong! It’s possible to share your story in 15 seconds and hook the viewer’s attention.

At first, you might think only a professional Instagrammer can do it. However, that’s not true at all!

We share four ways in which you can create a powerful story in 15 seconds below:

Have a Core Message

Share just one thing or message you want to share with the viewers. The other elements in your video, like color, music, or animation, should not turn out to be distractions.

Your Instagram video should give viewers one powerful reason to visit a place.

Three-Act Structure

A successful story has three distinct parts: setup, confrontation, and resolution. You introduce the characters, present the conflict, and finally, a viable solution to the problem.

Allocate five seconds to each section of the story to ensure that each section is equally gripping

Emotions are Vital

Viewers love emotions, and a 15-second video can be a winner with the right emotions. People relate to emotions in a story, and that is what builds a connection between your audience and you.

Characters in your story should resemble your customers.

Drop Sound

A video without sound? Well, most of your viewers on Facebook watch travel videos without sound!

Keep text to the minimum and have more images to make your video watchable.

Tip 2: Ensure High-Quality Visuals

A short Instagram travel video can have a long-lasting impact on viewers if we pay attention to the following:

Instagram Travel Videos

Optimal Lighting

The light that best captures your subject is the golden hour. The lighting is soft and warm during sunset, giving the subject the best look.

This is especially important when you are shooting outdoors, and it’s advisable to shoot indoors during the day. The online video editor will help with adjusting the lighting and color during the video editing process, so make use of that too. Also, you can use some matching templates for your shoot so the lighting doesn’t look different.

Variety of Shots

Viewers love variety; highlight different situations in your video depending on what you want.

It would be best if you used lively action shots, candid moments, and wide shots, along with contrasting time lapses and tripod shots, to portray different emotions and scenes.

While wide shots highlight landscapes better, a close-up shot’s experiences, such as touch, look clearer.

Accept Disruptions

A video that does not turn out as expected does better than a predictable video. The ‘unexpected’ element makes your video unique and stands out from the other travel videos.

Innovation is key, and if you can incorporate something unexpected, your viewers will turn into your customers.

While showing the faces of people, especially models, might get your video more attention, don’t forget to take their consent before you shoot the video.

Taking this precaution will ensure you don’t get involved in any legal issues and pay the penalty.

Tip 3: Edit According to Your Core Story

Here are some editing tips that you need to remember when shooting your Instagram Travel video:

Store Your Footage

Any photographer’s nightmare is losing your efforts due to some technical glitch. Store your footage in the cloud or an external drive to ensure you can use it when required.

Combine all your clips through an online video editor that you can easily find through online platforms.

Refer to the Storyboard

When you are editing your travel video, having the storyboard in front of you helps you to maintain the flow of the video.

Every clip should be shot with intention so that the right sequence is shown to the viewer, and any clip that does not add value should be removed using the video editor. You must need to create suspense or a cliffhanger moment to attract viewers. You can even create short stories by using Instagram story templates and make sure that everyone notices what you are doing differently.

When there is a clear connection between the clips, the viewer can see the story you want to share.

Duration of the Video

You could tell your story if you focus on the core idea in 15 seconds! However, you could keep the duration of your video between 30 and 45 seconds to ensure that you don’t leave any portion of your story out.

Instagram is suited for shorter videos, and videos that are longer than the above duration can’t sustain the interest of the audience.

Superior Sound Quality

Audio disturbance can spoil your travel videos, and viewers will lose interest.

Make sure that whatever you capture, whether it’s the sounds of the city or a waterfall, is perfect without any interruptions. This will ensure higher viewer engagement since it gives them an immersive experience.

Meet Viewer Expectations


Your primary goal when making travel videos are the viewer’s needs. The viewer has certain expectations regarding a travel video, and you should meet them no matter how creative your video might be.

A video that has the creativity and meets viewer expectations goes viral!


If you want to make an engaging travel video on Instagram, you need to keep the above tips in mind. Like any successful video, your Instagram travel video must have a compelling story that makes the viewer watch the video until the end.

Your travel videos should also ensure a variety of high-quality images and audio, so the viewer is not distracted.

Making Instagram Travel videos are easier than you think! There are online video editing platforms that help you create videos through tons of templates in less than 5 minutes. You get the option of adding music and animation to create your template.

If you’ve just started making Instagram travel videos, you don’t need to start with expensive camera equipment. The quality of your videos will get better with experience.

Get your travel story ready, create a video through online video editing platforms, and upload it on Instagram!

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