There was a time as a child you would hate a school trip to the museum as to you, it was just a wasted few hours of sheer boredom. You just wished museums would quietly disappear. Luckily, interesting museums in NYC have come about in recent years and these have ensured that museums on high on the list of thrilling things to do in New York.

The most interesting museums in NYC know that not only kids, but adults too, want something just a little more exciting and interactive at the museums they visit, and luckily New York City has risen to the occasion and offers exciting museum visits.

Just as lithography and the art of printing must be preserved and the knowledge of these must be passed on from old to young, so it will be with lots of other different things concerning society and what has happened in history. In that case, it will of course be possible to read a lot in books and acquire great knowledge in most areas. However, there is something that can be very interesting, and this is then to go to a museum that has collected various old things you will still be able to see in real life. In this way, all the different museums that exist have a very large function.

Museums lighten up

Museums lighten up

True, museums provide insight into the history of humankind and past events, but some time back it was done in a way that failed to grab your attention. There are, however, in this day and age, very interesting museums in NYC  that are fun, interactive, interesting, and exciting.

The interesting museums in NYC entice young and old, sparking in everyone’s interest and delight that it becomes an outing that lasts longer than was previously scheduled.

True, there are some museums that do have a section where their role it is to preserve artifacts with dates and information. It may be looked upon just as boring stuff in glass containers but it fulfills a certain purpose. There is a need and importance of such archives.

Learning in a fun environment

Some museums in New York, however, realize that this is never going to be a way to excite and teach visitors and they have come up with all kinds of new and innovative experiences for visitors to ensure they are listed among the interesting museums in NYC. They know the importance of allowing visitors to enjoy interactive displays, theatrical displays, videos, stories, and tour experiences for their guests.

Museums become virtual as well

On this day of Covid-19, there is also the possibility of virtual museums. The most interesting museums in NYC know that to keep the interest of guests, they have to look at the possibility of technology. With the proliferation of smartphones, exhibits can be designed in such a way that they interact with museum visitors over their mobile devices. Museums would be unwise not to take note of this, and see the possibilities that technology can provide to keep the museum-interest alive while the world waits for things to once again return to normal – that is if it ever does.

Interesting Museums in NYC include thrilling sleepovers

Interesting Museums in NYC include thrilling sleepovers

There are wonderful museums that will interest children and families in New York that will wow anyone who visits them. The best and most interesting museums in NYC geared towards children are not only educational but super entertaining too.

In fact, it is said that there is so much fun to be had, that kids are not even aware that they are learning too. In fact, some of these museums are so interactive that they even allow for a sleepover experience. Some of these include –

A Night at the Museum at the American Museum of Natural History

You need to register and telephone numbers are provided on the website which provides more information on the event as well as prices. The sleepover is for children and chaperones to camp out and also experience wonderful shows with evening snacks and breakfast included in the sleepover.

Operation Slumber at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Operation Slumber at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Visitors can spend a night at a museum that was once an aircraft carrier and today it offers heaps of interactive exhibits. There is even a  helicopter you can climb into and a submarine to navigate. You can explore the space shuttle as well and take part in flight simulator rides with snacks and breakfast is included in the deal.

If you want to treat your kids to one of these sleepovers, there are several of these cultural institutions offering these opportunities to suit different interests with kids.

Today for some cultural entertainment, you can count museums on your list of awesome things to do in the Big Apple.  And if you are looking for ways to enhance your museum-going experience, why not try one of the sleepover museums – it is one of the latest crazes in museum experiences in NYC.

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