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This blog post dated September 18, 2019 has some updated content to go along with our previous Munich Oktoberfest Blog post for the latest Oktoberfest tips available for Oktoberfest 2019.


Munich Oktoberfest Guide

Munich Oktoberfest Guide 2019 Updates

While our guide listed above is pretty comprehensive there are always some last minute things you may want to know about.

Oktoberfest in Munich 2019 Weather

The weather on opening days is supposed to be Sunny with temps in the low 60’s. Unfortunately after that things look to go downhill with clouds and rain forecast throughout the first week.  If long range forecasts are to be believed the weather the second week will be cooler with rain at the beginning of the week but ending up just overcast with no rain on the final weekend.

A new innovative and sustainable beer tent at the Oktoberfest

If you are a fan of sustainability as we are then you need to check out the Ammer Tent. The Ammer tents hosts the oldest chicken and duck roaster in the world is thi year is also working with the Foodsharing initiative to produce less food waste.

Ammer is an absolute pioneer in organic products on the Oktoberfest. In addition the main food dishes served at the Ammer Tent which are the chicken and duck roasts (Ente in German)  The organic vegetables are fermented with the help of a young start-up so that the nutrients are retained for even longer. You can also look forward to the delicious Bio-Hendl (chicken) again during the Oktoberfest, because that’s where it all started 20 years ago. “The conversion to Bio-Hendl in 1999 was a life decision that still has an effect on all areas today,” says Wiesnwirt Josef Schmidbauer. Our recommendation is to try the duck though.

Now the small Wiesnzelt is expanding its holistic concept. With the new Dishtracker software they are going to use, the workflows in the tent are to be further optimised. There is also a cooperation with Regenbogen Arbeit, whose team helps people with mental disabilities and the long-term unemployed to find a suitable job  Old meets New!!!

New Rides

This year you can look forward to these Wiesn attractions

Up in the sky or wild and daring: every year there are great new rides and offers on the Oktoberfest. Today, Clemens Baumgärtner, head of the Department for work and economy, presented this year’s innovations. We can tell you one thing: The eight new attractions have it all! We introduce them to you…
Oktoberfest 2019

1. Dr. Archibald – Master of Time

The first portable adventure track supported by virtual reality technology – sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Novelty no. 1 has the mysterious name “Dr. Archibald – Master of Time”. The VR adventure track is sort of a ghost train and makes you part of a wicked search in a dilapidated museum. With the VR glasses, the Oculus Rift, you dive into a virtual 360-degree world – including dinosaurs, futuristic cities and obstacle courses.  Sounds like a wild trip when you may already be starting to see things.

2. Poseidon

Let the water run!!! In the new adventure wild water ride “Poseidon. In the realm of the gods” 13 boats on a length of 320 meters, 250 meters of them in the water, drive through a Greek temple ruin. It may be antique from the outside – from the inside it is quite modern, according to the owner, “one of the largest mobile large whitewater rides”. Water splashes, fountains, fire bowls with real flames – you will miss nothing here.


oktoberfest in munich

3. Heidi – The Coaster

What’s new for roller coaster fans is “Heidi – The Coaster” – on 430 meters of track you’ll be rocked through. It’s a fast thrill right from the start: With a booster lift the gondolas are catapulted up the elevator hill to a height of 13 meters and immediately after the first descent the roller coaster has to offer an upswinging curve. By the way, your courage will be rewarded: the beautiful Heidi will “comment” on your ride and also has photos ready.

4. Photo studio „Be Marilyn“

Everybody knows the famous photo from the Billy Wilder movie “The Seven Year Itch”, in which Marilyn Monroe’s wide white pleated skirt is whirled up by the exhaust air of the subway shaft. You want to try the “Monroe effect” for yourself? In the photo studio “Be Marilyn” not only Dirndl wearers are invited to the funny photo shooting as “Volksfest Marilyn”. Best Part it is free and no obligation to buy. Of course you can buy the pictures-otherwise what is the point except for a little break from the beer.

5. Spinning Racer

Are you one of those passengers who really like the extreme or are up to a challenge? Then the brand new “Spinning Racer” is your ride. In eight four-seater cars rotating through a 424 meter long rail network, the passengers sit “back to back” in bucket seats. The torques constantly cause unexpected turns in dizzying heights, tightest curves and extreme steep slopes. Highlight: The 180-degree turn, inspired by aerobatic manoeuvres…

Münchner Ski Party Münchner Ski Party • Photo: Karl Haesler

6. Münchner Ski Party

Some real fun awaits you in the colourful amusement shop “Münchner Ski Party” (Munich ski party). A rotating glass maze, vibration and folding floors, a rubber rope obstacle course, a fountain tunnel and a wobbly bridge speak for themselves. Sure, at a proper ski party you can’t miss a snow cannon.

7. Bayern Tower Chain Flyer

The Bayern Tower (Bavaria Tower) is a must for passengers who are not afraid of heights – and a real adrenalin junkie boost: the oversized steel maypole lets you float through the Bavarian sky in 16 two-seater gondolas at a height of 90 metres. On a sightseeing flight with a speed of up to 65 kilometres (40 Miles Per Hour) per hour you can enjoy the view far into the Bavarian countryside if you can keep your eyes open.

8. Kinzlers Pirateninsel

There is also a new “Family Coaster” for children this year – and it looks like a pirate island! For children 6 years or older, the tikes can already ride on the family roller coaster. Heavy curves as well as highs and lows on two floors like for adults are waiting here. And in the unique pirate style you almost feel like in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

And one of our favorite ‘rides’ for Oktoberfest 2019

Extra Security:

There will be additional security at the main train station aka the Hauptbahnhof as the Hackerbruke Bus and S-Bahn stop. A new security unit of Deutsche Bahn will provide additional security at the stations. Above all, it will have a de-escalating effect, but it will also intervene when necessary.

There is always a lot going on at the main station and at the Hackerbrücke during the Oktoberfest. This year around 850,000 people a day are expected at the main train station during the Oktoberfest , and around 150,000 a day at the Hackerbrücke. Of course visitors also want to feel safe at these two highly frequented places. Deutsche Bahn will therefore be using a new unit that will ensure additional safety at the two stations as well as on the trains.

Scooter rules during Oktoberfest

E-Scooters are the latest trend on Munich’s streets as in many municipalities to get around faster. But during the Oktoberfest 2019, stricter rules  apply to all scooter riders around the Theresienwiese. First, No E-Scooters on the Oktoberfest grounds. Driving to the Oktoberfest with the E-Scooter, or scooting home after partying instead of taking an expensive taxi – sounds tempting at first. But during the Oktoberfest, as an E-Scooter driver, you’ll have to pay attention to a few things. From September 21 to October 6th, there are generally stricter traffic regulations around the Theresienwiese. E-Scooters are only allowed to drive up to the „Äußerer Sperrring“, on the event area itself but any vehicles – including bicycles and inline skates – are prohibited.
The alcohol limits are the same for riding on an electric scooter as it is to driving a car: From 0.5 per mil alcohol it is an administrative offence, from 1.1 it is a criminal offence. 1.1 is pretty easy to obtain at Oktoberfest Also, it is forbidden to drive with several persons on an E-Scooter. So in case of doubt after your visit to the Oktoberfest it’s better to drive home with a taxi or take public transportation. DUI penalties are severe and expensive.
Within a radius of approx. one kilometre around “Äußerer Sperrring” there is a ban on renting scooters during the Wiesn from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m to discourage drunk scooter driving. The area in which you cannot rent an e-scooter during this period includes parts of the Westend and the area around the Central Station including Sendlinger Tor, Stachus, Bahnhofplatz and Hackerbrücke. The five scooter suppliers will technically implement this through so-called geofencing.

If you need assistance in any way seek these people out.

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