Depending on where and how you travel, the amount and type of gear you need varies. A traveler on the go is looking for the lightest travel package. While those staying in hotels or hostels will more easily be able to consider a piece of rolling luggage. If you are looking for a reliable replacement telescoping handle for rolling luggage, there are plenty of places in Brooklyn that can fix your handle or give you the part so that you can repair your case yourself.

Brooklyn – A favorite amongst tourists

Referred to as Kings County, and famous for the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn is a borough of New York City. In the borough, a replacement telescoping handle for rolling luggage is essential, and fortunately, there is no shortage of luggage stores in Brooklyn where you can buy spare parts. There are many tourists and visits to Brooklyn throughout the year.

Brooklyn is described as a city in itself, a fascinating area of The Big Apple. It offers visitors lots of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks. It is also home to a tourist attraction, the Wyckoff House Museum, the oldest building in New York.

Rolling Luggage easy on your muscles

Rolling Luggage easy on your muscles

For most people visiting Brooklyn, they make use of the LaGuardia Airport. Most travelers make use of rolling luggage with polyester as these suitcases with wheels are lightweight and they simply glide along beside you as you roll the case along you making use of the built-in handle. it is a case of finding a cab at their airport and getting to your place of accommodation.

Apart from looking good, these bags have health benefits and are easier on your joints, neck, shoulders, and back. Possibly what most people dislike about them is that the telescoping handle can pack up at the most inappropriate times.

Then a replacement telescoping handle for rolling luggage is important. It can be so irritating when you want to pull the handle out or return the handle into the case and you cannot – it would not budge. The darn thing is stuck and now you might well injure your back as your try to maneuver the bulky contraption to a cab.

Replacement telescoping handle for rolling luggage – You can repair your own case’s handle

You can repair your own case’s handle

It just may be that your suitcase has a warranty, and even possibly a lifetime warranty which covers stuck handles. Then they will repair it for you at no cost. If it is a suitcase that is old and with a much shorter warranty that has expired, you can always have a spare part like this when you travel so you can fix it yourself.

A telescoping handle does not have to be permanently broken – you can fix it and give your suitcase new life. If your handle is stuck, sometimes it can be a case of just taking a flat head type of screwdriver and sliding it between the push tab and the back of the frame to loosen it back to regular functioning again.

Replacement telescoping handle for rolling luggage

There are a number of luggage repair shops in Brooklyn where you can find a  replacement handle that matches your suitcase. Names that come to mind are –

  • Jim’s Shoe Repair. They are essentially a shoe repair shop but they do fix bags as well.
  • Elegant Shoe Repair too in Brooklyn is also a shoe repair center, but they are highly skilled in luggage fixing too. They are quick to identify the problem and they fix it good and proper so that it does not let you down any time soon.
  • Other luggage repair stores include the likes of Pertutti New York Inc, as well as Premier Luggage & Leather Goods among others. They can possibly fix your suitcase or they may have the part you need.

That does not mean that the replacement telescoping handle for rolling luggage has to be fixed in-store. It is super convenient yes and sometimes very affordable too, but what people do not realize is that it is possible to fix your luggage handle on your own. With just a few items that you may even have laying around the house, apart from the actual telescoping handle, you can fix the case handle yourself.

No need to rush out and buy new luggage

No need to rush out and buy new luggage

The bottom line is that when the handle of your case gives trouble, it does not spell the end for it. You do not have to dart out and get something new. A broken luggage handle can be repaired in a jiffy and there are heaps of guides and information online to show you how.

Fixing a broken luggage handle is actually far easier than you thought, and you can move around Brooklyn’s hotels and airports with the greatest of the ease with your sturdy, like-new suitcase.

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