Brooklyn is one of the boroughs that make up New York City and it has some world-class restaurants with outdoor drinking. Located on the west end of Long Island, it was an independent city until its incorporation into the New York urban conglomerate in 1898, an event known as the “Great Mistake of 1898.” Brooklyn is the most populous county in New York, with about 2.5 million inhabitants. Despite the union with New York, Brooklyn maintains a strong identity. The phrase “Big Mistake of 1898” still denotes Brooklyn’s pride among Brooklyn’s older residents.

When it comes to Alfresco dining in Brooklyn, New York, you will find that plenty of these excellent restaurants and bars are outdoors. Whether the weather allows it or not, they have come up with innovative ideas so that patrons can enjoy their drinks in warmth on exceptionally cold days.

Mostly, they are restaurants with tranquil settings and they always attract a lot of people after work looking for sundowners.  Restaurants with outdoor dining in Brooklyn still have to be committed to taking safety measures to provide a safe dining experience for patrons.

Keeping life as normal as possible

Manhattan Beach is a residential neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn and they have brought out plans to allow patrons to eat and drink in their outdoor dining areas to ensure life continues as normally as possible.

Of course, this means complying strictly with rules that include the wearing of face coverings, maintaining social distancing, and adhering to certain times so as to safeguard public health.

Restaurants with outdoor drinking in Brooklyn

Restaurants with outdoor drinking in Brooklyn

Restaurants with outdoor drinking in Brooklyn are popular because just that little bit of time spent outdoors boosts vitamin D levels and this in itself boosts the immune system and protects against a number of serious diseases. Not only that, fresh air improves the mood and just brings on a feeling of wellbeing.

Manhattan Beach Park, for instance, is located about 6 or 7 miles from downtown Brooklyn. Coney Island Beach too is on Brooklyn’s southern coastline, also about 7 miles from Brooklyn and it features boardwalk eateries and restaurants. Brooklyn is also a hot spot for craft breweries around Manhattan and Coney Island and they provide bars and restaurants all over New York with beers that go with all kinds of cuisine.

Manhattan Beach does not have its own public health department to make decisions about dining on the premises and they have designated their outdoor dining areas as public seating. This allows them to be open and available. Surfaces are sanitized between seating and digital or sanitized disposable menus are provided.

Warming up outdoor spaces in Winter

Warming up outdoor spaces in Winter

When you do research on restaurants with outdoor drinking and dining in Brooklyn and surrounds, you will find that some are so keen to continue doing outdoor business, they have introduced heating systems to their open areas. This encourages customers to still come in during winter so that life can continue as uninterrupted as possible.

You can eat and drink at a casual table and chairs on airy outdoor patios or stopover for a drink at a pavement cafe. The best restaurants in Brooklyn are not closed – they are just taking precautions with Covid-19, so just be sure to don your mask and adhere to all safety precautions.

  • Look at the Rock’N Fish Restaurant as an example at the Manhattan Beach Pier. You get delicious food, impeccable service, and exceptional customer experiences. People travel from far to come and eat at this restaurant. With splendid views that make you feel as though you are sitting at the water’s edge, decadent food, bottomless mimosas, and sangrias, you can also choose to sit indoors or enjoy your meal open-air, cool and breezy style.

There are lovely casual restaurants with outdoor drinking in Brooklyn where the kitchens are open all day serving up a mix of delicious nachos, sushi, and salads.

With outdoor drinking in Brooklyn, when the weather is warm you can relax in the sun or find shade under the trees or umbrellas. For colder, winter evenings you can still gather at some of these restaurants and sit around a cozy fire or heater in the private tranquil outdoor areas they have provided.

Acting responsibly with safety and hygienic measure

Acting responsibly with safety and hygienic measure

The best restaurants are trying to do what they can to survive tough times during Covid-19 and if they have got all the safety measures in place, they have done what they can to provide wonderful entertainment while acting responsibly towards all their loyal patrons.

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