Covid-19 has dealt a nasty blow to the tourism and hospitality industry, what with flights having been suspended too. A year or so ago, safe travel USA was as normal as it could be with people making plans for their Easter getaways. But Covid-19 has made sure that nothing is normal anymore and the tourism industry has taken one of the hardest knocks. Their occupancy rates have plummeted, but while some hotels have closed doors as leisure hotels, others have repurposed their rooms to serve health workers.

Although with the vaccine it seems that we are closer to reaching a new normal, we still need time to travel again as we did before. However, new places can still be discovered safely if necessary measures are taken. But, if something is clear to us, it is that traveling will no longer be the same. We will have to get used to masks, antibacterial gel, gloves, social distancing, making a lot of use of technology, and the new health security measures that each country deems appropriate for international travel due to coronavirus. If this year you are looking forward to your vacation more than ever, there are a few tips that can help you organize a trip during COVID-19.

Hot Weeks

Hot Weeks

The good news is that whether the pandemic lingers or not, industries can’t remain closed indefinitely. People’s immune systems weaken when they are worried and concerned. But now restaurants, entertainment venues, and hotels are slowly opening up and tourists are becoming familiar with the term ‘hot weeks’ – affordable breaks away.

Safe travel USA is all about being able to safely access luxury accommodation and facilities globally. Now is the time to check out hot week vacations as they are going at super prices to woo guests back.

Regular holiday packages but with a twist – affordability

Hotels and other accommodation establishments in Brooklyn, New York are offering travelers regular holiday packages but with a twist – they are far cheaper.

These accommodation establishments are wanting to give customers assurance that every safety precaution possible will be in place to ensure a carefree stay. Locations are opening up everywhere and Brooklyn is no different.

The borough of New York is welcoming visitors back even though they know that this time around they will be managing their hotels and customers differently from what has been done previously.

Capacities are going to be more limited and face masks and ongoing sanitization will be the order of the day.

 Safe travel USA – closer destinations woo visitors with budget stays

closer destinations woo visitors with budget stays

When it comes to a cool holiday destination, Brooklyn would not disappoint you as it is packed with trendy, chic restaurants, bars, and shops. Amid all this, are great accommodation options for people, with each neighborhood offering something to attract travelers.

There are great places to stay on a budget, while others are ideal for night owls and others more family-friendly than others. The idea is to find safe travel USA accommodation that is close to what you particularly want to see while in Brooklyn, whether it is a 5-star hotel, a comfortable bed, and breakfast, a convenient self-catering home, or a spacious hostel.

Look at the gorgeous 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Hotel, a cool waterfront hotel as well as The Box House Hotel in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. These hotels offer wonderful views and cool amenities such as fitness centers and saunas as well as free wifi, flatscreen TVs, and other amenities.

More care and personalization

More care and personalization

With safe travel USA, you may not be able to make use of the sauna and fitness center because of covid-19 restrictions. When it comes to pleasing guests, hotels are going full out with personalization, and they can, because of fewer guests.

Their goal is to ensure a more ‘intimate’ experience – making sure that the needs of guests are met in an ever-changing world. True, life is harder for hotels and guest houses as people are nervous about the pandemic, but it is also giving them bigger opportunities to offer a more caring experience.

Their doors are opening again and they are ready to welcome you and give you the assurance that your safety is their top priority. Extensive Covid-19 protocols are implemented and all guests and staff work together to ensure a safe, happy time for all.

Do your part – check things out

The hotels in the Big Apple have chosen to be safe places to stay and the best ones follow all the appropriate guidelines. As a traveler to New York and Brooklyn, go the extra mile and check with the hotel before you book to see what safety protocols they follow.

Hotels are going out of their way to ensure their affordable hot weeks promise total relaxation and comfort as they try to get back into the swing of things.

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