Cheap Party Halls in Brooklyn

Here is our list of the top 3 cheap party halls in Brooklyn to get your money’s worth.

Medina Party Hall

Whether it’s a birthday party or a baby shower, you can have your next big event at Medina party hall. Spanning across 2,500 sq ft, the hall has multiple sized rooms for various events. You can find a hall for 60 guests or even 500. The hall comes with banquet chairs and enough time to set up decorations before the main event. You can choose between round or long tables, have a bar with a freezer, a place to warm food, and a DJ booth with party lights.

People can bring their own music service providers or even caterers if they’re looking to jazz things up a bit. The hall is equipped with central heating and air conditioning making it a perfect indoor location to hold an event whether it be the cold or hot season. Book your color themes and have lighting throughout the hall according to the theme.

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Medina party hall management has relationships with several respectable vendors that provide services like limousine, photography,  videography, caterers, and more for an extra fee. Monday to Thursday prices is $695 while bookings for Fridays can cost you $1,395. Saturdays are a bit expensive, $1,695, however, daytime bookings on a Saturday can lead to a $600 discount. Sunday pricing is around $1,395. The hall rental includes all the essential services mentioned earlier. You can call to get more discounts, they’re very accommodating of situations. However, everyone is required to pay a $75 clean up fee. We find that appropriate as no one likes cleaning after events. Insurance is definitely included in the rental cost.

Dolaj Event Space

Sticking to the theme of simplistic yet elegant, the Dolaj event space is one of the cheap party halls in Brooklyn for any occasion. It is great if you’re looking for a superb place to have social events and dinners or simply if you’re looking for an office hangout, meeting, or for educational seminars and more. The customized lighting provided by Dolaj event space makes every event stand out. The hall can get bright and vibrant with matching lights. You can decorate the large hallway or the walls as you wish making the environment comfortable to your liking. There is even a bar for your events!

The halls have restrooms that are easily accessible while guests are allowed to bring their own refreshments, food, and decor. However, if you feel like you don’t have enough time on your hands to manage such things, then ask Dolaj event space to cater for these things. They will be more than welcome to entertain your requests. The hall is centrally air-conditioned for the warmer days. There is ample parking space and they provide security for the event as well.

Dolaj event space charges $1,500 on weekdays with $2,200 on Fridays. Saturday costs $2,500 with Sundays a little lower, $2,200. This makes it one of the cheap party halls in Brooklyn. Tables and chairs are provided in the fee, however, table linen might cost you extra. There is a standard cleaning fee of $150. You can book dates by putting in a deposit while the remaining payments need to be cleared 6 weeks before the main event.

Atlantis Hall

Nestled in the perfect location, queens, Atlantis hall is one of the most popular cheap party halls in Brooklyn. It has been recently renovated giving it a pristine look at affordable rates. The hall is huge and multi-purpose allowing it to be a space for all sorts of events and gatherings. They have access to many trusted vendors that provide catering, limo services, decor, DJ, and more.

The rental price includes chairs, tables, a DJ booth, and even a bar. It can serve up to 225 people which is great for large events like weddings, seminars, and more. However, if the people are less you can let your imagination wild and turn the empty space into a dance floor.

When we say it is one of the newest cheap party halls in Brooklyn, we mean it. The hall costs $795 on weekdays and $1,795 on a Friday. Saturdays are $2,195 and $1,795 on Sundays. You can also get a $700 discount on day-time bookings for Saturday making it an affordable venue for the masses. The deposit is $500 and the cleaning fee can set you back at least $75. It comes with WiFi, 2 TVs, central air-conditioning, dance lights, and more.

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Bottom Line

Have your next event at one of these three cheap party halls in Brooklyn. Whether it’s your wedding or a graduation event or any other social event, be sure to check our list of top 3 cheap party halls in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a great place not because of the culture but also because of the food scene, the nightlife, the people, and most importantly the history. Holding a lot of important significance for artists, Brooklyn to this day remains to be the most sought out neighborhood in all of  New York when it comes to parties, artists, and more. Come down to Brooklyn and have a party like never before.

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