Brooklyn County is a wonderful borough in New York City and sees thousands of tourists every month. Without having to delve too deep, Brooklyn is very popular for a lot of things. Brooklyn can also be a very controversial place to discuss. This is because what some certain people claim to dislike about the borough often tend to be the exact thing that spurs other people into visiting.

Being the iconic city that it is, Brooklyn also has several things that quite literally everyone finds either pleasant and/or enjoyable. Brooklyn boasts the Brooklyn Botanic garden, one of the finest botanical gardens in the entire country, and a museum that stands on equal footing with the New York Metropolitan Museum. Also, the county of Brooklyn also lays claim to having been the very first place in the world to create a museum specially designed for little children. The list goes on and on. Yet, these are only a small facet of what makes Brooklyn the astonishing borough that it is today.

There are quite a number of amazing things that aren’t really public knowledge about Brooklyn. These facts are actually enough to make anyone who claims not to like the borough review that opinion carefully. Of the literal arsenal of these things, listed below are only ten of them.

A borough of NY City, Brooklyn borders the Kings County. It is NYC’s most heavily populated district, with over 2.5 million homeowners in the year 2010. The borough is really intriguing for the tourists with the bridges and its tunnel connections to Manhattan. It is a captivating location to visit as well as an amazing location to live in. It is among the “it” locations in the States today with its never ever ending possibilities. There’re many intriguing facts concerning Brooklyn. Perhaps they’ll even have you thinking relocating there. Listed below are some cool facts about this amazing borough you simply would not believe.


Brooklyn was worked out by Dutch in the 17th century

Breuckelen was its original name which stands for”Broken Land” in the Dutch language. For that reason, the borough’s main slogan is Een Draght Mackt Maght, that in Old Dutch suggests “In unity, there is strength”.

Among the realities regarding Brooklyn is that it has lots of wonderful neighborhoods.

Once, Brooklyn was a city

In the 19th century, Brooklyn was a city. Yet, in 1898, Brooklyn combined with NY City. In spite of this, Brooklyn is in a sense its county. Its land boundaries coincide as those of the Kings County. Today, even though not a city, Brooklyn can use numerous services, for example, art transportation services.

Besides the historical realities that we discover intriguing as well as educative, there is even more. Especially when it concerns the realities about Brooklyn worrying its populace as well as geographical attributes.

Brooklyn is bigger than Manhattan

We wager you really did not know that Brooklyn is bigger than Manhattan, both in regards to land area as well as populace. In 2014, the borough had over 2.6 million locals to Manhattan’s 1.6 million. As a result, Brooklyn is the second-most largely populated area in the USA. Additionally, it has 71 mi² of land and Manhattan’s area, on the other hand, is 23. The final thought is that, if Brooklyn was a city, it will be the 4th largest city in the USA.

Brooklyn Bridge is just one of the landmarks of Brooklyn.

Another reality regarding Brooklyn- it isn’t a part of Long Island

Right here is a complicated fact concerning Brooklyn. Although Brooklyn is technically on the Long Island, it isn’t taken into consideration as part of the Long Island. This may not be big news to you if you have been brought up in the North East. Yet a lot of people are uninformed that Brooklyn & Long Island share the exact same landmass.

When discussing realities about Brooklyn that will blow your mind, we can not exclude the Brooklyn Bridge truths

There’s no doubt that you’ve read about the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a hybrid cable-stayed bridge in NY City. It attaches the districts of Brooklyn as well as Manhattan, across the East River. There are a number of fun facts regarding this bridge that maybe you haven’t been aware of.

  • It is among the oldest street bridges in the United States of America.
  •  It is the globe’s first steel-wire suspension bridge, along with the initial fixed crossing throughout the East River.
  • When it is exceptionally cool outside, the Brooklyn Bridge increases around three inches. The reason is basic, the wires contract and increase, ultimately causing the increase.
  • In the year 2006, a Cold War air-raid shelter was found concealed under the bridge. Some city employees discovered it during an architectural inspection. The air-raid shelter was full of medical products, water drums, blankets and also 352,000 packages of crackers.

Some other facts concerning Brooklyn that will leave your mouth wide open.

  1. Perhaps it sounds like a shock, yet there are 30 miles of coastline in Brooklyn. You can find good coastlines in and around the borough.
  2. The median age of a Brooklyn homeowner is 34.7, which is nearly a full two years much younger than the national typical age range of 36.8.
  3.  Brooklyn has around 700 cultural and arts institutions. The best known ones are The Brooklyn Gallery, New York Transportation Museum, and Barclays Center. Also, there are Brooklyn Kid’s Gallery, Brooklyn Historic Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music as well as the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum.
  4. Brooklyn was when called the “Coffee Resources”. By 1906, there had to do with 25 million pounds of coffee baked at the Arbuckle Brothers coffee manufacturing facility monthly.

We are specific that this fact regarding Brooklyn is going to shock to you. A teddy bear was developed in Brooklyn.

A teddy bear was invented in Brooklyn. Morris Michtom, a Brooklyn store owner, as well as his partner Rose, have actually developed it. At the time, it was called a “Teddy’s bear”. The name originated from Theodore Roosevelt who apparently rejected to shoot a bear upon a hunting trip.

  • Brooklyn possesses a renowned Cyclone rollercoaster. The wooden roller coaster was opened on 26th June 1927, at Coney Island. It came to be a NY City site in 1988 as well as included in the National Register of Historic areas in 1991.
  • In 1867, Charles Feltman actually developed the hotdog at Coney Island. Afterward, his previous workers opened the well-known ‘Nathan’s’.
  •  That exact same year, Frederick Regulation Olmsted, as well as Calvert B. Vaux, created Prospect Park. It is Brooklyn’s biggest public park consisting of 585 acres. These exact same guys created Central Park.
  • There are lots of stars that take their root from Brooklyn. For example, Woody Allen, Jay Z, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, Eddie Murphy, and several others.
  • Did you recognize that the Brooklyn Dodgers, now the Los Angeles Dodgers, went by a number of various names? Originally, they were the Brooklyn Grays. Then, they transformed their name to Brooklyn Bridegrooms and also ultimately the Brooklyn Cart Dodgers. The Dodgers refers to when Brooklyn contained streetcar lines. Since the pedestrians were unaccustomed to fast-moving lorries, they were typically struck and killed. That’s why they had to learn how to dodge the carts.
  • There are lots of great date-night areas in Brooklyn.


After you have actually learned about these amazing and outstanding truths concerning Brooklyn that we’re sure blew your mind, there’s one point left. If you haven’t done so already, visit this spectacular district and also enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Have a good time!

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