Williamsburg is the hipster capital of Brooklyn. Being hip and progressive, the neighborhood has a lot of charm with all the best bars, restaurants, and shops. Its quirky attitude shines through in all of its many attractions. As a tourist, especially if you are visiting for an extended amount of time in the area, you can do many things in this area to get in touch with your inner hipster!

Quirky Things To Do In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Whether you’re looking for something low key or high energy, here’s a list of 5 quirkier than average things to do while visiting Williamsburg Brooklyn:

Visit The Brooklyn Flea

Visit The Brooklyn Flea

Do you like a good bargain, a good story, and a good time? Get everything and more in the Brooklyn Flea. It’s your one-stop-shop for vintage and funky finds. Operating every weekend of the year (every Saturday in Williamsburg Brooklyn), the market is a great spot to buy one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find anywhere else.

With everything from vintage clothing and collectibles, to art, food, and much more, the Flea is an eclectic and wonderful experience not to be missed. So, put on your beret and grab your purse, it’s time to start hunting down some really cool stuff!

Taste OddFellows Ice Cream

Taste OddFellows Ice Cream

OddFellows Ice Cream is a unique ice cream shop, specializing in homemade ice cream with an artisanal focus. So, what’s special about it?

The ice cream parlor is a place to indulge in some unusual flavors. Taste some exotic flavors, such as Attaboy’s Penicillin, Tobacco Leaf-Smoked Chili Huckleberry, The Bodega Capsule, and hundreds of more outlandish flavors.

Too wacky for your taste? Well, OddFellows will please your palate with the reimagination of classic flavors.

Visit The City Reliquary

NYC has no shortage of eminent museums but the City Reliquary rather displays the eccentric side of the city’s history. You will find an extensive collection of nostalgia from NYC’s donut history to crucial artifacts.

The display cases are filled with apparently junk relics from NYC’s rich past. You will see vintage signs, horse bones, L-train paint fragments, and many other odd items.

Game And Drink At Barcade

Barcade offers the best of both worlds. It’s a bar that serves great drinks and food paired with an arcade filled with vintage games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Tetris, and many other classics. You could spend hours here getting in touch with your inner child while drinking cocktails and having fun playing your childhood favorites.

Enjoy Bowling In Gutter Bar

Enjoy Bowling In Gutter Bar

Williamsburg is filled with hipster bars and this one fits right in. What’s special about this bowling bar? Well, it lets you bowl in vintage bowling lanes, barring the loud music and commotion of modern bars. The hardwood floors, old-fashioned designs, and laid-back nature will bring back the old-day nostalgia.

Even if you aren’t into bowling, it’s worth checking out for American craft-brewed beer. You can also enjoy delectable bar snacks, fun board games, and live music in a barroom.


Williamsburg is a happening place that has a lot to offer for hipsters. Whether you want to go bowling, relive some old-day nostalgia, or taste some madcap food items, this neighborhood will be sure not to disappoint. With so many different things going on here, there’s never a dull moment in this part of Brooklyn.

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