For those looking to sell real estate in Brooklyn, the timing couldn’t be better as 2021 is proving to be a very hot market for this location. There is plenty of demand and yet inventory is low, which is causing prices to increase. This has created a seller’s market, putting owners in the driver’s seat. But just because it’s a seller’s market and the odds are in your favor, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be able to sell your property fast and for top dollar. To help ensure a quick sale, we’ve got four invaluable tips for selling your high-end Brooklyn apartment.

Price The Property Right

The first tip will be to ensure that you’re pricing your property right. It’s truly a balancing act as you don’t want to underprice the Brooklyn apartment, but at the same time, you don’t want to ask too much and scare off potential buyers. Keep in mind the asking price is just the starting point; it doesn’t mean that is the price you end up at.

Price The Property Right

Check Out Who Your Competition Is

It can also be helpful to check out what other properties are listed that are in your neighborhood and your price range. They are essentially the competition, so you want to be sure that your apartment is the one that stands out to buyers. You’ll be able to gain insight into such things as décor, the size of the space, upgrades, special features, and so forth. It may help you to figure out what areas to highlight in your apartment’s listing.

Look Into Virtual Staging

One of the most important things you can do is stage your apartment in a way that allows potential buyers to picture themselves in the space and living “the dream”. Staging can help sell your apartment faster, and get you more money – depending on how well it’s done. But rather than buy all new decor and furniture simply for staging purposes, you can use a company like Barion Design, which provides luxury virtual staging.

Look Into Virtual Staging

What is virtual staging? This is when all those little details that need a little fixing up and improving upon are done in a digital manner rather than making physical changes to space. Your pictures will look spectacular and are sure to grab the attention of high-end buyers.

Make Sure You Declutter The Place

Before you schedule any tours of the apartment, you will want to be sure you declutter. Space is something in short supply in Brooklyn, and it’s something that buyers are always on the lookout for. The last thing you want to do is create the illusion that your apartment is tiny, cramped, and not big enough for storage. This may mean putting stuff in temporary storage until you sell whatever it takes to clear space.

Make Sure You Declutter the Place

Sell Your Place With Ease And Speed

If your top priority is to sell your high-end Brooklyn apartment with ease and speed, these tips are sure to help you accomplish that goal.

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