Many people around the world just love traveling and exploring the world. During their trips, they take lots of pictures and videos and make hundreds of memories.

People want to save these videos and pictures forever, and join them together in a lovely way to create a memorable trip video for their travel.

So, if you have recently been on an amazing trip and are wondering how can you create a great travel video with all these raw shots that you took during your trip? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Here in this article, we have a few useful tips to help you make a great travel video that will surely make your trip even more memorable.

Collect all the Raw Shots

1. Collect all the Raw Shots

The very first step toward making a memorable video of your trip is to collect all the unedited shots from that trip in one place.

Carefully check that you have gathered all the raw shots which you plan to include in this video. Save all these required videos in one place, so that it becomes convenient for you to use them whenever you want.

2. Select a Suitable Video Editor

The next step may seem much simple, but is the most important step in creating a video for your trip. In this step, you need to choose a suitable video editor to get started with creating your travel video.

These days, lots of online video editors are present in the market, which provide various features and special editing effects, to create lovely travel videos for your trip.

Explore these online video editors and select the one which provides all the necessary features, you require to create your video.

3. Trim The Shots

Now export all the required videos from your trip, into the gallery of your online video editor and start editing.

Firstly, you need to trim all the unnecessary parts of these videos which you don’t require. You may also remove any sound that seems unpleasing in your videos using these editors.

4. Adjust the Color Effects

The scenic views in your video, may not look as bright and attractive as they looked in reality. For this, you may adjust the color effects in your videos to make them look more appealing.

You may even apply filters to your clips and adjust the brightness and contrast setting of your videos, using these online video editors.

5. Add Background Music to Your Video

Add Background

A good travel video is always incomplete without a lovely music track playing in the background. Music makes your travel video more interesting and fun to watch.

These online video editors enable you to add background music to your videos. You may import any soundtrack to be played in the background of your video or you may choose the soundtrack from the music library of these editors.

These editors also enable you to add various sound effects to your travel video, which enhance the appeal of your video up to multiple times.

6. Don’t Overuse Special Effects in Your Video

Special effects can make your video look a lot more impressive, but only if they are used sparingly. Using too many special effects can distract the viewer from the actual video and it looks amateur.

The transitions between your frames should be adjusted carefully so that they move really quickly and go unnoticed. Be careful not to add too many cuts in your video.

Animations also enhance the appeal of your video and make it look professional. But, as discussed before using too many animations may make the video look amateur and distract viewers’ attention from the main video.

7. Add Text Where Necessary

Texts in travel videos have a very important function which is to draw the viewer’s attention to the most significant aspects of your travel video. Text can be utilized to add details about a certain place you visited in your video.

You may also use text as subtitles in your video. This is specifically helpful in the case of travel vloggers, as they frequently need to add text to update their viewers about what is going on in the video.

These video editors have lots of fancy in-built fonts and text styles, which you may use be applied to add the text to your videos.

8. Combine All the Shots into a Single Video

Once you are done with editing all your shots from that trip, now use these online video editors to join the shots you just edited into a single video of your trip.

Make sure you follow the proper sequence while joining all the shots together. Once all the shots are arranged and combined together, the resulting film would be a great video of your memorable trip.

9. Select the Suitable Aspect Ratio

Now that the video is all set, the next step you need to do is select a suitable aspect ratio for your video.

This is mainly because if you intend to publish this travel video on your social media accounts sites then you must adjust the sizes and formats of your videos to meet the proportions required by the desired social media platforms.

Many of these video editors enable you to select a suitable aspect ratio for your video, which is according to the requirements of the specific social media platform, where you are interested in publishing your travel video.

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10. Export Your Travel Video

Now that you are all done with editing your travel video, the last step is to export this final video and save it as a memory.

These online video editors provide us with export features that enable us to either save the video to our computer’s gallery or to directly publish this video across other social media accounts of yours.

By working on the tips mentioned above, you can easily create a great video of any memorable trip of yours and preserve all your memories in that particular video.

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