Flatbread dishes that were previously found in Italy since the 18th and 19th centuries evolved into the world-famous Italian pizzas that we love. Having heritage and cultural influences from Naples in Italy, pizza soon grew to become a household favorite weekend dish all around the world. Now pizza has seen a culinary revolution with many countries using ingredients native to their place making it a highly versatile dish.

Origin Of The Brooklyn Pizza

Many of the people visiting New York must have had some Brooklyn pizza but a few really know where it originated from. In 2006, the leading pizza-making company Domino`s initiated a super-thin pizza which they named Brooklyn style pizza. The special thing about it was the crispy crust that was made using cornmeal, with the famous pepperoni topping and cut into 6 slices only. From that year onwards, Brooklyn pizza has become the signature fast food of New York and Brooklyn. Here are the top ten places in Brooklyn that serve authentic Brooklyn pizza.

Top Ten Brooklyn Pizza Places

Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza

To get some Brooklyn pizza from this traditional pizza place you will have to wait for your turn in a long line. Such an effort just to get a pizza seems unreasonable but not in the case of Di Fara Pizza located in Midwood. This place uses the same recipe that the owner, De Marco had for his first-ever pizza. Although their New York and Brooklyn pizza menus are simple and authentic, the 50-year-old traditional taste is still maintained.

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY, 11230, USA
+1 718 258 1367


Located in Bushwick, Roberta is called the best pizza shop in this neighborhood after receiving many nominations and awards. It is one of the finest places to get your Brooklyn pizza slices that are exceptionally tasty and fresh. The location of this pizza shop is perfect as you’ll find a couple of shops selling drinks in the surrounding areas. They serve their pizzas with a Margherita and authentic Rosso, made from garlic, oregano, and tomato. Their outdoor setting, unlike typical pizza places, is perfect for a romantic dinner with your partner.

261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY, 11206, USA
+1 718 417 1118


This gorgeous and fun pizza restaurant in Clinton Hill has the most colorful and innovative Brooklyn pizza menu. Founded by Matt and Emily, this place is the result of their love for authentic Brooklyn pizza – thin and crispy. The special thing about Emily is its color-coded pizza category, including the pink, red, white, and green pizzas. For the non-pizza people, this place offers delicious dry beef patty burgers as well. There is a second branch of Emily in West Village, in case the folks there are looking for the best pizza in Brooklyn.

919 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY, 11238, USA
+1 347 844 9588

Paulie Gee`s

At Paulie Gee`s you will find more than 30 different options of tasty wood-fired pizza. This place is the perfect example of the authentic Brooklyn pizza restaurants with their vintage brick walls. Paulie Gee`s has a great variety of pizzas and pies for all the vegans out there.  If you go to Paulie Gee`s and not try the special Hellboy pizza then you are going to miss out big time. The creators of this restaurant are super creative with their secret pizza menu.

60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11222, USA
+1 347 987 3747



If you are a resident of the historical Carroll Gardens and wondering where is the best Brooklyn pizza near me, we got you covered. There is a place called Lucali in this Italian-neighborhood serving your favorite pizzas and calzones. This place gives a warm welcome with its wooden tables, rustic atmosphere, and the soft glow of the fire oven. Their special sauce which they serve with their pizza takes up to four hours to be prepared. This place has the heart of several celebrities like Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Kylie Jenner as they have been seen eating there often.

575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY, 11231, USA
+1 718 858 4086

Williamsburg Pizza

Williamsburg Pizza is the go-to place for the residents of the twin cities, serving the traditional Brooklyn pizza slices as well as the New York pizzas. Their famous crust options include grandma curst or the round one. They add a twist to all the pizzas they have with their gravies and exclusive toppings. As classic as this place sounds, it is not behind in the technology, with its drone pizza delivery option. Whether you choose a thick pizza slice or a thin crust, the taste will instantly become your favorite.

265 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11211, USA
+1 718 855 8729


Head over to Totonno`s for some old-school pizza slices and to revive the old days New York memories. With its classic red booth and checkered black and white tiled floor, this place has been serving pizza for the past hundred years. No wonder it brings out the nostalgic vibes that bring you back to the good times. This place can always be seen jammed with people enjoying their thin crispy crust pizzas. The good news is that it has a takeaway option, so you can just take your slice and eat it while going past the boardwalk.

1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11224, USA
+1 718 372 8606



When in Brooklyn, never leave the city without stopping by at Juliana`s, established underneath the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Juliana`s is another wonder of the Pasty family which is the founder of a special pizza place called Grimaldi`s. The interior of this place has a modern-day spin with its simple and elegant design. At Juliana`s, you can get pizzas with extremely thin crust, a vide variety of gravy and sauces, and fresh toppings. People from all over the twin cities come to experience the taste of some amazing pizza with a wonderful view.

19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, USA
+1 718 596 6700

Best Pizza

Located in the center of Williamsburg, this place does serve some best pizza in Brooklyn. Best Pizza really keeps up with its name and offers different varieties of pizzas. This is a place for people to come and enjoy their slices while listening to some rap playing in the background. You can either go for a plain cheesy slice or decorate your pizza slice with chili, sausages, pepperoni, and veggies.

33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211, USA
+1 718 599 2210

Speedy Romeo

This place was turned into a highly rated pizza restaurant using a lot of creativity as it used to be an auto shop. The owners of the Speedy Romeo didn’t want any of the gas lines from the auto shop in their restaurant resulting in the pizzas made from a wood fire. This place serves enough pizza options to make you indecisive for a while. Their famous order is the king salami with a fresh margarita. The vintage interior of the Speedy Romeo makes the delicious wood-fired pizza even more delightful.

376 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11238, USA
+1 718 230 0061

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