Brooklyn is considered to be the culinary destination for the USA. From eats like beef sandwiches, hotdogs and steaks to delights such as rainbow bagel, cheesecake and more, Brooklyn never fails to satisfy hunger cravings of all kinds. If you’re looking for cheap restaurants for a group then look no further than Brooklyn.

Manhattan may be considered the echelon of the New York dining scene but for us Brooklyn takes it home with its extensive range of cuisines, variety of dishes and a plethora of restaurants to choose from. Brooklyn not only has some of the finest five star restaurants but also the cheapest eats that have made a name for themselves for being the best in the area.

Cheap restaurants for a group in Brooklyn

Let us introduce some cheap restaurants for a group that you should visit if you’re with friends or family.

Pisillo Italian Panini

Pasillo’s has been rated one of the best italian food around New York and can be found on Nassau street. Pisillo might be tough to find as it’s off the main streets, however eating at Pisillo is worth the effort. From the bread to the meats, cheeses, marinated peppers and more, Pisillo provides healthy toasted sandwiches at reasonable rates.  Its menu even caters to the vegetarians and vegans. Although the restaurant does not accept credit cards (Cash triumphs all), Pisillo italian panini servings are the talk of town. The servings are huge, so be warned!

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Just near Chinatown, Brooklyn Roasting Company might not technically come under cheap restaurants for a group but it’s a great cafe for coffee and quick bites. We’ll go as far as to say that Brooklyn Roasting Company has the best coffee across all of New York.Yes, it’s that good! The place is quirky, the crowd is artsy and the pictures are instagrammable. It’s great for groups since there is free Wi-Fi and the vibe is just great. Their food gets a two thumbs up from us for its taste and the price. Gluten free options are available as well.

Tom’s Restaurant

The name might sound simple and nothing fancy, but trust us, Tom’s restaurant has received the traveller’s choice award making it one of the best American diners in Brooklyn. Can be found off Washington Avenue, Tom’s restaurant was featured a lot in the early episodes of Seinfeld. Come with your friends or family as it is not only one of the cheap restaurants for a group but also a great place to witness memorabilia from one of the greatest TV shows ever made. The service is super fast and the staff is more the welcoming making you feel at home, a truly American diner experience. Don’t expect fancy plates or breads that are difficult to pronounce, expect flavorful diner food that’s light on the wallet and warm in the belly.

Bleecker Street Pizza

Found on the 7th avenue on Bleecker street, Bleecker street pizza is the place to be if you’re looking for cheap restaurants for a group. Bleecker street pizza has been serving its award winning pizzas for decades now. The pizzeria has been a hit with food critics and even recommended by many as their top five restaurants in New York. Try their specialized and famous Nona Maria Pie. It’s made on top of a thin crust and a secret homemade marinara sauce adds a bit of tang to it. Then the pie is loaded with cheese and topped off with basil resulting in a mouthful of flavor explosion. The place even offers great salads, pastas and other entrees. They also do gluten free pizza so do check them out!

Xi’an Famous Foods

We did promise Brooklyn having an assortment of cuisines and this one is straight from the heart of Asia, China. Xi’an famous foods can be found on broadway street and is known for their delicious quick bites like noodles, dumplings and more. The best part about Xi’an is that it’s not even in the bustling chinatown district making it a convenient stop for those looking for a quick bite in midtown. Xi’an offers homemade pulled noodles that go great with their choice of meats. It even has the traditional spicy hot oil found in Asian cuisines. It’s a small restaurant that is usually filled to the brim, but that’s always a good sign of if you’re looking for great tasting food.

Brooklyn is a much better place compared to other neighbourhoods in New York if you’re looking for award winning cheap restaurants for a group. The place is pouring with history, culture, street art, music, comedy, theatres and most importantly food. Some of the best known food franchises were found originally in Brooklyn which tells a lot about the place and its culinary stories.

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