Brooklyn is the place to be. The magic in the air is undeniable and the food is exquisite. The culture is artistic while the experience of being in Brooklyn is unforgettable. What better way to have a party or an event than to have it in Brooklyn. We’ve narrowed down to the top 5 halls for rent in Brooklyn NY, but before we start off our list let’s look at the event scene in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s Rich History

Brooklyn might be known for a lot of things but many of us forget the history and recent past. Brooklyn was a place for many artists to live in the 80s. With climbing rent in Manhattan, many upcoming artists could not afford to live in manhattan. Hence moving to Brooklyn was a more affordable option and it was still part of NY.

As Brooklyn became home for many artists, the entire culture in Brooklyn started to change. In came music, a fusion of flavors, and collaboration of different cultures as Brooklyn slowly rose to fame among the famous.

Recently, Chef’s table in Brooklyn got its second Michelin star redefining Brookly and its food scene. Political roots run deep in Brooklyn with Hilary Clinton recently setting up her presidential campaign headquarters there. The place is filled to the brim with an exciting history that will keep you astonished and entertained for hours.

Top 5 Halls for rent in Brooklyn NY

Here are our top 5 halls for rent in Brooklyn NY.

Studio 17 Event Space

The colors, decorations, and furniture all contrast at studio 17 event space giving a welcoming invite to guests and hosts. Studio 17 event space is one of those halls for rent in Brooklyn NY that not only looks great but also provides an array of services from bartending, banquet, and birthday parties to event planning services, weddings, and more.

The hall differentiates itself from others by providing gender-neutral venues making it a great place for everyone. The hall was set up in 2017 and can accommodate up to 50 people including 6 on the stage. It’s definitely aimed at intimate events with smaller gatherings. Have elegant parties and feel like you’re the great gatsby at studio 17 event space.

Brooklyn Party Space

halls for rent in brooklyn ny

Located on the grand avenue, Brooklyn party space is great for those looking for halls for rent in Brooklyn NY for club-style events. As chic and elegance come together in this wonderfully designed 3,000 sq ft hall, you will feel like it’s more than just your average banquet hall.

Brooklyn party space is great for baby showers, bridal parties, fashion shows, and more. The hall comes with sufficient parking space for guests, LED lighting, A/V equipment, a DJ booth, an office, and more. There is even a VIP lounge with a comfortable seating area and television to escape the party. There is a lobby for check-in for guests and a coat hanging area with a capacity to accommodate around 100 coats. There is even a pantry where you can keep refreshments and food until it needs to be served.

Pricing per hour is available on their website with daytime and nighttime different while weekend and weekdays rates vary as well. However, rentals are for a minimum of 6 hours which includes setting up and clearing the hall.

Brooklyn Fete

Brooklyn fete has 2 halls available for booking if you’re looking for halls for rent in Brooklyn NY. Brooklyn fete halls are designed artistically with each hall having its own personality. People can have small weddings, set up galleries, have a baby shower, and more.

Just as Brooklyn’s culture, the Brooklyn fete hall is unique. The hall features an outside area in case you have more guests than anticipated. The exposed brick wall adds a rustic and cozy feeling in the hall that will lighten up anyone’s day, especially when the bride is walking up to declare her vows. The pricing is just right and they offer furniture for up to 50 people without any charge. Additional charges apply for subsequent furniture. The backyard deck is perfect for food and a bar area, however, that does come at an extra cost. You can even book a photographer with them if you’re not able to arrange one.

Brooklyn Steel

Looking for halls for rent in Brooklyn NY for a music concert? A live show? Perhaps a standup for the office employees? Well, you’d definitely need space and lots of it. Brooklyn steel is the perfect venue to host music shows, live shows, and more as the venue has a seating capacity of 600 people. The hall can easily cater to more than 1800 people, standing of course. Have a legendary music act to delight your audience in this rustic hall with an industrial feel. That’s what the hype is about these days, warehouse aesthetics.

Brooklyn steel has WiFi, street parking for all the guests, audiovisual equipment for music, movies, presentation, and more. The hall has plenty of available spotlights and sufficient lighting across its area so know that you’re definitely going to have great selfies and picture shoots there. Beverages are in-house while catering from outside can be booked to provide food during the event. Brooklyn steel can be found on frost street, neighboring Redhook and Steinway with itself.

halls for rent in brooklyn ny

Crescent Moon

Located on Atlantic Avenue, Crescent Moon was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing a small intimate yet modern setting for events like birthdays, quinceanera, small weddings, and more. Crescent moon is able to accommodate 70 people while 120 can fit in the hall while standing. The hall provides its own lavish linens, tablecloths, seat covers, and more. They do have a special chair called “the throne” which can be rented out for additional costs. You won’t run into any space issues as the bar is located in the center with plenty of areas to serve food. And yes, they do provide free Wi-Fi.

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