There is certainly a charm of eating out on Christmas eve in a restaurant. The restaurants open on Christmas eve are packed with people and Christmas decorations. The chatter of the crowd and the colorful Christmas lights with decorations will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit if you’re already not.

Brooklyn Food Culture

Brooklyn is known for its food culture and is one of those places in New York that offer legendary eats that you’ve seen in YouTube videos. Most of the famous franchises that you see across the United States had their start in Brooklyn. The food choices in Brooklyn are as diverse as can be. You can get authentic Italian pizza right next to a place selling the first Cuban sandwiches. Brooklyn cuisine has gotten its influence from the south, however, it is no stranger to accepting different food cultures and especially fusions. This is what sets Brooklyn apart from other places in the United States.

Restaurants Open

Top 5 Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve

We’ve narrowed down your search of the top restaurants in Brooklyn that you can visit on Christmas eve. Here is our selection of the top 5.

Brooklyn Chop House

You may have heard of Italian steakhouses, french steakhouses, and what not, what about Asian steakhouses? Brooklyn chop house brings Asian and American cuisine tonight by having Chinese food on their menu with good ol’ American steaks. Found in the corner of Nassau and Spruce streets, the restaurant has a capacity of 150 and has hosted dinners for musical legends like Mary J Blige, J.Cole and more. The restaurant is famous for its LSD trio, grilled lobster, steak, and Peking duck. Nowhere in NYC will you ever come across a restaurant with a diverse menu delivering the highest quality standards. From French onion soup to Philly cheesesteak to dumplings, every dish leads to a flavor explosion. It is one of the few restaurants open on Christmas eve that is worth visiting with your friends and family.


Lighthouse has a seasonal menu and serves dishes made from produce that is locally sourced. All the ingredients are ethically sourced from local farmers with the aim to uplift the communities while remaining humble with their rustic interiors. As much as Lighthouse focuses on local produce and recycling, it is reflected in their menu with healthy dishes that will not only warm your heart on a cold day but also boost your health. Lighthouse is one of the few restaurants open on Christmas eve that also has collaborated with green-minded organizations to bring healthy dishes like roasted chicken with couscous and salsa and more. Lighthouse has a great collection of biodynamic drinks that are also organic. Some of the options include craft beers, cocktails, organic wine, and more.

Shalom Japan

Shalom Japan is another fusion restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn. Inspired by Jewish and Japanese cuisine, Shalom Japan offers a range of diverse products matzo ball ramen, wagyu pastrami Sando, Japanese hot pockets, and more. The food is sourced locally and the menu is concise and pre-decided. You can even watch a movie on Christmas day as it is one of those restaurants open on Christmas eve. The restaurant even featured in one of the “Great Big Story” YouTube videos. You need to check it out to understand all the hype.


LaoJie is one of those restaurants open on Christmas eve that is a perfect hotspot place to warm your bellies and lift your mood up. The restaurant focuses on providing authentic Chinese hotpots at great prices. Who said Christmas dinners have to be heavy on the pocket. Join the Christmas spirit with Chinese culture as you share your meats and vegetables and have a decent conversation while your food gets ready in the hot steamy soup. There are several soup bases to choose from like herbal, bone, hot n spicy, fresh mushroom soup, and many more. Once you’ve selected the soup base, you can select the meats and vegetables to go along with it. It’s great and also don’t forget to check out their fragrant iced milk tea dessert. It’ll definitely hit the spot after a warm hotpot.

Flaming Grill and Modern Buffet

Flaming grill and modern buffet can be found on Nostrand avenue and is those restaurants open on Christmas eve that offers a buffet at a reasonable price. The buffet is filled with an array of different soups while you can find anything from sushi to pies to ribs and everything in between. There are several dishes in chicken, beef, seafood, and pork with many desserts to finish off your day. It is open 7 days a week and you can even have a buffet on the go if you’re in a hurry. They will charge you per pound of food you takeaway. Perhaps get a few dishes from them for your Christmas party at your home, the food is delicious.

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