If you’re the adventurous type, having a 9 to 5 job can be a living hell. Working in the same place, taking the same commute, and meeting the same people day in day out could get tiring. Of course, you can take vacations where you can go wherever your salary allows you but that’s just about it as you’re back to the same routine after the little getaway. As an adventurer, one hopes to be traveling and meeting new people as part of their job and this is what keeps things exciting. A new routine, a new city, a new working environment. Well, that’s possible as many adventurers choose to have traveling social workers jobs.

With the pandemic striking nations, people have started to adapt quickly to remote work settings allowing them to work from anywhere in the world. This idea is getting closer to the traveling social workers jobs that we were talking about earlier. Of course, some of these jobs would limit you if you were looking for traveling social workers jobs or working for a travel agency as you have more responsibility. But there are things like digital nomad jobs or other more self-employed-style work environments.

In this article, we’ll cover your options and what you can expect going into most of them as you’ll find that achieving this dreamlike living does take a good amount of effort. We will also go over jobs that require travel with no experience so that you have a good mix of options to help you decide.

What Most Traveling Jobs Involve

What Most Traveling Jobs Involve

One of the main things to keep in mind is that travel-friendly jobs aren’t exactly common. As with all of its benefits and cool bonuses, these jobs are usually difficult to get. This is because it not only involves specialized training and passion for the work but also requires a lot of commitment. Even after having all these traits, you never know what kind of pay you might be receiving which can be concerning as many of these jobs do not pay well. This is especially true for traveling social workers jobs and backpacker jobs. Knowing this will help you decide if finding traveling jobs hiring is a good idea for you.

The biggest issue that is glossed over by most is how much time and effort it takes to both get a job that involves traveling and then excelling at it. For most people, it takes years and years before they are fully confident in their work, but since people have done it, it’s not an impossible task.

Benefits Of Remote Work Or A Job That Requires Traveling

The most obvious one is, of course, you can travel a lot. Taking a job like this, of course, would already mean that you’d be used to or good at traveling but now you can take it a step further. Depending on what you do, you might even spend months where you need to work. This will let you live in the place and will get you to fully experience the area you’re in.

Another benefit is that since you will be meeting a lot of people, you also make a lot of friends. These friends or even just contacts can help you greatly at times either directly or through their or your work, making things easier or just more fun.

Most travel work instills a variety of skills in the person. Whether it be because you work with lots of different people or since you do traveling social workers jobs that demand flexibility, it lets you find out more about yourself as you can find yourself doing things that you might never have tried.

Finally getting to know more about different peoples and cultures is overall just good. It helps you gain a better understanding of the world and how it can change people and their perceptions of it. This can be most felt if you’re a backpacker or have traveling social workers jobs, as interacting with the individual areas is all the more important for your work.

Types Of Travel Work

“Travel jobs” are sort of a catch-all description that could mean many different things. Some of them barely even fall under this term. But thankfully, we’ve put them under a few categories that will help you decide what you’re looking for. Whether you just want to see something different every once in a while or you want to live the full-on traveling lifestyle, here are a few categories that you can consider exploring.

Expat Traveling Jobs

The term Expat stands for expatriate. This means that while you are a citizen of one country, typically your home country, you live or work in another. This arrangement could be either months or even years. Some jobs that fall under this can be nannies, language teachers, and translators. Due to the nature of these jobs, it isn’t really nomadic as you have to serve in a specific place. Many foreign countries like China have entry level jobs that require traveling from your country to China to teach English.

Digital Nomads

Works that fall under Digital Nomads are done completely on computers. This makes it so that your location is irrelevant as long as you have access to the internet and a working laptop. This is also similar to the current “work at home” environment that several people have come to know during this pandemic. This kind of work can be difficult though as blogging and social media falls under it meaning you have to gain your following to make a living.

Backpacker Jobs

The ideal work for wanting a travel job with no experience falls under this category. Although the nature of the job is difficult since you never know when you’ll make some money, the job is a bit relaxed and at your own pace. Typically seen as “alternative” jobs these types of work pay proportionally to how much hard work you put into it. Although you don’t need a tertiary education, it does require a good amount of skill or knowledge in a more hands-on field. One of the more common ones that spring to mind is traveling musicians. Either playing small gigs or busking to earn enough to continue going. Another thing you can do is sell goods that you can make as you go. This can be food or general crafts. And finally, you can try and find work in the local areas. Giving a helping hand for a few days at a farm or market.

Travel Industry Careers

In the tourism industry, many positions could use many different skills. Most of these jobs require higher education, typically specializing in this field like travel agent jobs or travel consultant jobs. You can even find online travel agent jobs that give you a bit more leniency with what you do with your time. Although with the pandemic having happened this may be the hardest to pull off even after the pandemic blows over. If you want to be in the travel industry, then you can start searching for travel agent jobs near me.

Traveling Social Worker

The nature of this work involves the unfortunate or those in poverty as you’ll have to go around helping injured or populations in need. This can range from providing relief aids or getting a remote village off the ground so they can work with their local area better. You’ll usually find traveling social workers jobs with the UN or NGOs that operate internationally. If you’re working in the top NGOs, then expect to have a great traveling social worker salary. If the job places you in a dangerous or risky country, it will compensate you for that risk financially too. However, most of these are contract social work jobs and not full-time.

Traveling Social Workers Jobs And What It Usually Means

Traveling Social Workers Jobs And What It Usually Means

Although we have covered an assortment of traveling work, we will focus on traveling social workers and their non-traveling counterparts. This is because traveling social workers jobs can vary still and depend on who you’re working for some factors can change. It’s also because it is not as broad as the other categories plus trailing social workers jobs haven’t been covered to death as most travel industry careers.

What Is Required In Traveling Social Workers Jobs?

Several traveling social workers jobs involve you traveling to an assigned area to provide personalized care. This can vary from mental health, personal challenges, to general hurdles in people’s lives.

Many of the exact details depend on what the terms of your contract say for the given social workers jobs. Most of the time you will handle multiple households at the same time. Depending on the conditions, you may need to address substance abuse, helping people find housing, fill their application for social programs, provide legal aid, and help with other such challenges. Traveling social workers jobs often tackle children or families with children but this can also vary depending on the region assigned to you.

As for International traveling social workers jobs, these usually take place in third world countries. The main goal of these positions is to face the injustices that happen in these less developed areas of the world such as assisting with previously mentioned issues and much more.

Dealing with the victims of much larger issues such as extreme diseases, malnourishment, human trafficking, child labor, and other unfortunate realities comes with this sort of job. International traveling social workers jobs are usually found in non-government organizations or NGOs. It is the goal of international traveling social workers jobs and their respective NGOs to help alleviate the suffering that is faced by the under-developed economies or the developing countries.

Going Through The Transition From Your Normal Job To Social Workers Jobs

The main qualification that is looked for in traveling social workers jobs is a degree in a relevant field. It is also the dedication and willingness to help people despite being constantly displaced. It is preferable to have a Master’s in social work but for most employers, a bachelor’s degree is good enough.

Another key aspect of doing traveling social workers jobs is in the name and that is being social. Since you have to deal with people and their problems, it is essential to have good interpersonal skills. You must also be flexible as checking up on and updating your patients or clients is very important.

Finally, being capable of interviewing and understanding the complex social work regulations to assure that your service is the best you can give is something employers look for. And of course, you need to have the willingness to help people or the common folks in their time of need.

Places Where You Can Find Social Work Travel Jobs

Places Where You Can Find Social Work Travel Jobs

There are many great local international welfare organizations that want to help as many people as possible. Here travel social work jobs we will highlight 5 different social work agencies, each either specializing in a certain field or being all-encompassing. You can start applying to these organizations if you’re looking for travel jobs near me.

  1. United Nations (U.N.) – Founded in 1945, the United Nations is the leader among welfare establishments and is doing its best in maintaining peace in both domestic and international borders around the world. Preventing human rights violations and keeping more than 190 member countries with a sound state of mind, the UN’s international workforce is made up of over 40,000 people in UN offices providing assistance and job opportunities around the globe.
  2. International Rescue Committee – Currently having operations in more than 40 countries around the world, the IRC assists refugees of natural disasters, wars, or other humanitarian crises. Having over 8000 staff and hiring more bachelors in social work, the IRC is set to help with more countries and people.
  3. Save the Children – Save the Children is one of the largest international non-government organizations working with almost every country on the globe to help over 60 million youth every year. Delivering medical and hygiene aid to nations, Save the Children also helps in rebuilding schools ravaged by recent natural disasters or war. Most positions in this organization are held by those with a preference for helping children.
  4. International Justice Mission -The IJM focuses on combating broader social issues like human trafficking for prostitution, slavery, and assault. The IJM has garnered international praise for spreading change and bringing impact on the lower levels in developing countries. Applying to the IJM requires submission of a statement of faith to be part of their organization.
  5. Women for Women International – WWI is a non-government organization with its main goal to help female survivors of war-torn nations. WWI hires passionate individuals who are required to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. Generally, preference is given to aspiring international social workers with a minimum of five years of experience. They should also be bilingual, preferably in the local language of the country the job is posted for.
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