We’ve mentioned it time after time, Brooklyn and the food scene are one. The location is riddled with inspiring restaurateurs and some of the most legendary eats in all of New York. Brooklyn has such a diverse crowd due to its food offerings that celebrities and locals can be seen sitting together enjoying the same meals. This, a scene that is not seen anywhere else but Brooklyn is what makes Brooklyn special. There are always authentic walk ons restaurants nearby wherever you are in Brooklyn. Every locality and neighborhood in Brooklyn is known for its cuisine and specialties. Let’s have a look at some of the cuisines found in Brooklyn before we head to the top 5 walk ons restaurants in Brooklyn.

Cuisines found in Brooklyn

Cuisines found in Brooklyn

Boston is known for its cream pies and chowder while everyone resonates with Philadelphia for its Philly cheesesteaks. San Francisco has also made a name for itself with its sourdough hype. However very few states are truly known for their food scene, especially when food becomes part of the culture, and Brooklyn is the only place in the United States where food and culture meet.

You may find all sorts of cuisines in Brooklyn, from authentic chinese to italian, mexican and everything else. No wonder famous people across the world flock to Brooklyn for food and cultural tourism. However, Brooklyn is known for its contributions to American cuisine. American hotdogs, pizza, cheesecake and bagels are the four food items that were perfected in Brooklyn and also rose to fame because of Brooklyn. Many states have tried to recreate these four categories of food but no one does it like they do in Brooklyn.

Top 5 walk ons restaurants in Brooklyn

Walk ons restaurants are those well-known restaurants that you’ll always find near your place or vicinity. These could be big chains or local franchises or local branches that have made a huge name for themselves. Here is our list of top 5 walk ons restaurants in Brooklyn that you can head over to now with your friends and family.


Our list of top walk ons restaurants must include pizzas and what better place to get pizza in Brooklyn than heading over to Juliana’s to fix yourself a slice. You’ll find Juliana on old Fulton street, a line of customers waiting outside the restaurant might be your greeting depending on the day.

Juliana’s offers authentic new york style pies from Margherita to marinara and calzones while you can also order rustic Italian spaghetti and meatballs which are always on the menu. Guests are allowed to add and remove any toppings they like while even getting specialized pizza options. Juliana is always a step away when it comes to authentic Italian cuisine in Brooklyn, no distance is far enough and therefore is considered to be our best walk ons restaurant.



Have an appetite for American cuisine? Head down over to Westville where you’ll find scrumptious burgers, deli sandwiches, authentic hotdogs, and more. Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich will definitely have you coming back for more. Westville not only caters to American cuisine but also new American cuisine with salad bowls, chicken bowls, and more. You can either eat at their branch located on Washington street or order online from their website. Either way, the hype around Westville is worth diving into.

Soul Spot

Authentic Caribbean cuisine that will have you dancing on your toes with their delicious soul food. Soul spot will definitely provide you the comfort that you need on a happy, sad, busy, or thrilling day. Experience some authentic Caribbean food with the menu ranging from lamb chops to curry goat, brown stew chicken, jerk chicken, and more. You can even get finger food as starters to keep you busy while you wait for your food. Starters are subject to availability, however, you can find fritters, beans, plantains, and more to munch on. The ingredients are fresh, the reviews are great and the experience is as close to Caribbean food as you can get, warm, inviting, and delicious.

Curry Heights

Curry Heights

Located on Ramsen street, curry heights provides authentic Indian cuisine in Brooklyn. The restaurant is well known among locals and thus considered to be a walk ons restaurant for those craving Indian food. You can find vegetarian delights like saag paneer, Chana Pori, vegetable curry, and more. However, their meat dishes are the ones that have become the talk of the town. Chicken tikka masala, korma, curry, and lamb are some of the dishes that are worth heading to curry heights for. You’re not gonna be disappointed with the quality of Indian food offered at this Brooklyn based restaurant.


The most well known Mexican cuisine you can find in Brooklyn is Chavela’s. The restaurant offers authentic Mexican cuisine from main dishes to drinks and everything in between. You will find the highest quality ingredients and fresh innovative ways to create traditional classic dishes like Ensaladas, tacos, quesadillas, and more. Specialty cocktails and hand-shaken margaritas are the most talked about at Chavela’s besides their authentic food. The place has a rustic ambiance with high ceilings and low-level lights that add to the overall aesthetic and experience of modern Mexican cuisine.

List of walk ons restaurants

List of walk ons restaurants

We’ve already gone over our list of the top 5 walk ons restaurants in Brooklyn. Let’s look at some of the other restaurant offerings in Brooklyn that you don’t want to miss.

  1. Alta Calidad
  2. Time Out Market New York
  3. Ugly Baby
  4. Maison Yaki
  5. Hometown Bar-B-Que
  6. Bunna Cafe
  7. Oxomoco
  8. Hart’s
  9. Oasis
  10. Claro

There are many other restaurants to try in Brooklyn as the neighborhood offers a lot more than what we have mentioned in our list. When you’re in Brooklyn, do what the locals do: Head to a nearby cafe or restaurant and start your food experience from there. We’re sure you’ll find your way to some of the best eats in America.

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